link cloaking

  1. clo.king

    How to Cloak and Promote Your Telegram Channel | From A – Z

    Welcome! Today we will share with you how to cloak your Telegram Channel so that you can promote it on Google, Facebook, or TikTok. If you are facing problems running ads for your Telegram Channel and can't promote your Gambling, Casino, or Crypto offers, follow the five steps below: Buy a...
  2. shipments

    Link Cloaking Question

    Hey all, I'm just digging into affiliate marketing and have a question about link cloaking. If I am using a landing page builder like leadpages, and I use pretty links to make it appear like a link on my website. Is this considered link cloaking? I'm not sure if it does because in my noob...
  3. anumar

    How to Create Link Cloaking? Sending Ad Reviewers to Cloaked Link Safe Page & All Ad Users to Black Offer Page

    "Cloaking links." These words must sound spam to you. But let us tell you that this is not a sinny word. Many people are using this process for legitimate businesses. It is a procedure to hide your original identity and show a fake but legal and safe link to the user to promote your brand...
  4. krist

    Hello BHW

    My friend pointed me here as this is his "go to place" for marketing resources. I'll be providing as much help I can on the forums, and purchasing inside the marketplace. I specialize in blackhat SEM strategies. Facebook and Youtube video ads are my primary source of traffic, I cloak with NOIP...
  5. thesuperultimate

    Looking for cloaker

    Hey I am looking for someone that is experienced in cloaking links for Facebook ads to help me out. I have cloaking software just need some advice on where to start.
  6. thesuperultimate

    Help with cloaking links for FB

    Hey i am new to cloaking links for FB. Not sure where to start i have cloaking software just need some advice on where to start with pages and what not.
  7. D

    [Help] Free Link Cloaking for Posting on FB groups

    Dear All, Happy Holidays! I'm looking for a way to post my affiliate and CPA links in fb groups. I'm unable to do far. Is there freely available link cloaking service? I tried to sign up for the trial offer by However, I could not pass the page asking for credit card...
  8. rikzy Jezuli

    [NEED ADVICE] Link Cloaking : How To Hide Traffic Source?

    Hello, I am already subscribed to clickmagick, i want to know if cloaking link in clickmagick hides my traffic source from the CPA Network. If Not Please Advice me how to hide my traffic source from the CPA network. Thank You
  9. Elbenor

    Mobile/Desktop Split Link cloaker

    Hi there, I'm looking for a link cloaker/link shorten Wordpress plugin that can detect if the user that clicked the link is from mobile or desktop, and redirect it to a specific site suited for its source platform. I've been searching tools like Pretty link Pro and others, but none of them...
  10. M

    Does transferring domain to cpa affiliate link work?

    Hi guys just wondering if i re-direct my domain to my cpa affiliate link, will it show the cpa managers that traffic is coming from that domain. To simplify can transferring domain to cpa affiliate link hides traffic sources when cpa manager looks. thanks
  11. O

    How to use pretty link with iframes ?

    does pretty link pro work with iframes ? because i've set up pretty link pro on my site, the iframes are displaying ok,(and working) but when i put the iframe code into pretty link admin it says "ERROR: Link URL must be a correctly formatted url" (these are iframes with my affiliate codes...
  12. B

    CB Goliath with link cloaking

    Hi, can i find on this forum or can someone help me with a plugin for wordpress? I need a plugin like eclipese link cloaking.. or a automatic link cloaking. I want to use'it with cb goliath for clickbank Thanks guys.
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