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  1. E

    Any decent (not too expensive) Instagram Cloaker?

    I found advertsafe on BHW and I started the free trial and cloaked some of my links. But after a few minutes it gives me errors meaning there is downtime with this cloaker. And as I later discovered from comments and reviews advertsafe is good but it has a lot of downtime and I dont want that...
  2. Mani Sheikh

    I need best Cloaker to block VPN/VPS, Government and Data-center IP Adresses

    I need best Cloaker to block VPN/VPS, Government & Data-center IP Addresses and the main point if I don't want to block Bots, Bots Based on UserAgent etc. I just want to block user based on IP addresses as I mentioned above there. For example: (FraudFilter's Screenshot) So is there is any...
  3. Rimdeika

    [HELP] Need to hide my site as a referrer from affiliate managers

    Hello guys, need help! I have a site where I placed my affiliate links. The thing is I do not want that my affiliate managers and tech. department see my site, I want to hide it from affiliate link trackers so they would not see my site as the referrer who refers the clients to the offer link.
  4. C

    Need an expert cloaker for a project

    I need an expert who can cloak links very well on bing ads account. Reputable members only. This is for a small project that will will be scaled up if the project is successful. You can pm me or drop your Skype ID.
  5. M

    Would cloaking showing my domain be OK...?

    Would cloaking showing my own domain - like using the WP plugin Pretty Link - be OK for doing some Blackhat work on FB? Would it be allowed and work? Would it be safe if I use some new domain I don't care too much for?
  6. Y

    Change trafiic source before sending it to a website which is using Google Analytics.

    Hello Guys, I am just learning the cloacking technics and i know that we can't makw Google fool, But i was having idea that i want to use some cloaking technics, with bulk traffic which i'll purchase from a source and that traffice is relevant to my niche. My Idea is to 1) Buy 2 Domains 2)...
  7. O

    How to use pretty link with iframes ?

    does pretty link pro work with iframes ? because i've set up pretty link pro on my site, the iframes are displaying ok,(and working) but when i put the iframe code into pretty link admin it says "ERROR: Link URL must be a correctly formatted url" (these are iframes with my affiliate codes...
  8. B

    CB Goliath with link cloaking

    Hi, can i find on this forum or can someone help me with a plugin for wordpress? I need a plugin like eclipese link cloaking.. or a automatic link cloaking. I want to use'it with cb goliath for clickbank Thanks guys.
  9. H

    Does Google Penalise Cloaking?

    Hey black hatters!! Hope you're all doing great! Two questions.. 1. Is it likely Google penalises cloaking?? 2. I was about to purchase Pretty Link Pro to cloak outgoing links from my site to help decrease my bounce rate which is quite high (80%)... is Pretty Link Pro the best choice for link...
  10. rusemag99

    acloaker alternatives

    acloaker is down! any good alternatives to create redirect cloak file? aside from (they reject my url) i've searched for some but they all want opt-in or it's some kind of software. there must be an acloaker substitute? tnx.
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