Change trafiic source before sending it to a website which is using Google Analytics.

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    Hello Guys,

    I am just learning the cloacking technics and i know that we can't makw Google fool, But i was having idea that i want to use some cloaking technics, with bulk traffic which i'll purchase from a source and that traffice is relevant to my niche.

    My Idea is to
    1) Buy 2 Domains
    2) Create SE cloak page on both websites (If any SE bot visit do not redirect them but if any real user comes redirect them further)
    3) When the paid traffic comes to my first domain, It'll check if it's a real user or SE bots, If bots it'll not redirect to 2nd domain which contains Google Analytics code, if it's a user then trffic will be redirect to second domain. That domain also do same process but when it detects that it's user it'll send trffice to my other WH website which has AdSens integrated.

    Now the hack is i want that when traffic redirect from 1st to 2nd domain, I am not sure it's possible or not i need your suugestion on this.
    I want to make feel Google Analytics which is integrated in 2nd domain that traffice came from Bing & from random keyword.

    So when user lend to my WH Adsens website, Adsens will see traffic came from 2nd domain reffral, and if in case Google mannually review my 2nd Domain with Google Analytics then can find that traffic came from Bing.

    Is it possible to fool Google Analytics some way? I know some people will laugh on me but this is the way great BH tools invented.
    Also want to say sorry if you bored with my bad english and long post.:cool:

    Thanks is advance for any ideas and suggestions.
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    The problem with fooling google analytics is it's run by the same company who runs google search. So you're either fooling analytics or you're fooling google search, but not both, because if you cloak that bot off one site and redirect to the 2nd one, eventually the search will show the second site which is not what you wanted.