How to Track Google Algorithm Updates ?

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    How to Track Google Algorithm Updates ?

    Have you always wished there was a way you could keep tabs on the Algorithm Updates by Google? Well, you are not alone. Many people with sites are trying to stay abreast with the updates, though it is sometimes not as easy as one would think. Using the following, you will be able to track any updates at the comfort of your chair.

    Moz Pro: Google Algorithm Change History

    The search engine results page or SERP is the buzzword here. It is a way in which you can better your organic rankings. Moz pro is one such tool and works by providing you with a visual display of the keywords vis-a-vise those of the competitors. It carries out a comprehensive analysis, thus helping you to be way ahead in the keyword presence.

    If you did not know, there is one whole page that talks about the Google Algorithm Updates as well as the articles and their authors. The articles which other people have written are also put into consideration as part of the forecast changes.

    The underlying point here is that one should only source the information they read from reliable sources. Revving the rankings has been one of the most awaited developments in the history of the Google Algorithm Updates and need I say that you will a full ranking history!

    All that you will need to do is to select some dates in the tables or charts to know more about your site’s performance as well as visibility. You will be able to check the keyword rankings within seconds and know how you are faring.


    You will need to test drive the mozpro which has a free trial. There was an overhaul which made it possible to move from a 12-cycle to infinity when it comes to ranking. In other words, you are no longer bound by the time –frame. The data ranking can start anywhere in your campaign with all your keyword search history.

    That is not all; you can now enjoy a host of customizable timeframe selection. What does this mean to you? Well, for starters, you can now display the dates from start to finish and even export some specific time frames. There are ranking deltas which were not previously there and for the first time, you can now calculate time frame durations.

    There are calendar flows, a quick-selection menu and a universal filtering system which is very flexible. Other changes include:

    • Aggregate calculations
    • Fast data sorting
    • Delay elimination
    • Faster response time

    SEO Book

    There is no better way to get the Google Algorithm updates than to look them up at the SEO Book. You will get here the forecast and changes from 2013 to date. There are two important highlights about the SEO book. The first one is that they keep updates based on the year, month and date; every time there is a change, you will get an update. Seondly, you will get a very accurate detail for each of the updates.