1. jeronimon


    SEMRUSH 7$ (with discount 6$) ✅ Account is a 14 DAYS SEMRUSH GURU plan. ✅ The account is delivered as Email and Password. (This is a Personal Account, you can change the password) ✅ You can login from the original website. ✅There have been no problems with accounts so far. ✅...
  2. skaz97

    [Method] How to get Moz Pro 30 days trial as many times as you want

    Here I give you a mini tutorial on how to get MOZ PRO during the 30-day free trial, as many times as you want. 1. First of all, activate a VPN in the USA and use the OPERA browser. 2. Let's go to proton and create a free email account. 3. Once we have the email account, we search on Google...
  3. eseostrategy


    Elevate your online presence and credibility with our exclusive Premium DA Boosting Package. Our tailored approach is designed to enhance your website's Moz Domain Authority (DA), a critical metric in determining search engine rankings and establishing trust with your target audience. With our...
  4. BigBlackPoodle

    Local Citations - Yext vs Whitespark vs Moz Local

    I have about 5 separate profiles (1 location each) where I will need all of the local citations built. I'm looking for a platform where I'd be able to manage all locations from one spot, does anyone have any experience with the best resource for this? I'm not a fan of Yext's pricing, but it...
  5. Norman_drey

    Ahref vs Moz domain rating

    Between Moz and ahref which one is more accurate when it comes to checking backlinks and domain authority
  6. S

    Buying Old Domain With Authority

    I want to buy an old domain with authority. I know I can get one from "expired domains" website. I have 1. Uber Suggest. 2. Semrush. 3. Majestic SEO. 4. And other SEO Tools. Is there anything else I need to be able to look for a good domain? Any threads related to this? Any tips?
  7. Elchavo


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  8. StrixMedia


    Hi Guys, I am looking for 10 reviews to my back-link service, Thread Link: What you will get exactly from our service: 1 Spam Free Post DA Avg of 20+ and TF avg of 10 450-500 words article (100% Handwritten...
  9. EmailMaster

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  10. Loklush

    Need Help Someone run Auto Generated spam link to my Money Site

    Can anyone suggest me how I can decrease my spam score This is the above stats of my site spam score. This site monthly traffic is around 20-30K per month organic traffic normally but from last month traffic drastically traffic drop to 5-10K. Just few hrs ago I check this site on moz See...
  11. dragonfly_bee

    Need suggestion for Moz DA data provider

    Hi I am currently working on an app that need moz data like DA PA Anyone know any provider apart from the official one? Thanks
  12. geekkamal

    Why My Page With Moz's High PA and DA is not ranking?

    PLEASE HELP Most ranking pages(1ST PAGE) for the keyword "fintech app development company" has a low Moz Page authority(PA- 27-30). Why my page is still not ranking in the 1st page? I have this site, Moz PA- 34 and DA- 45...
  13. Digimetriq

    Built a Smart Moz Researcher for Expired Domain Hunting

    - Scrapes all Information and Reads through it - Using Selenium - Checks for bad referring domains - Simple text.tostring contains "string" - Checks anchors for foreign languages - Using Langdetect Python Module - Rejects domains on a few more factors like DA 15+, First two linking domains...
  14. J

    How to index moz links?

    Hey, We have a client where a KPI is DA increase (I realise this is stupid) but some of our heavy hitting links haven't been picked up. Anyone know a way to get these links picked up by Moz quickly?
  15. A

    Is there any good alternatives to Moz on-page optimizer?

    I'm using Ahrefs mostly, but I find Moz's on-page keywords optimization ( really useful. It's very expensive if that's the only thing you're using it for. Does anyone have experience with some good alternatives?
  16. Daniel from Linxact

    Poll & Discussion: DR vs TF vs DA

    Hi members of BHW, which off-page metric do you prefer to evaluate the SEO power of a domain? I would be interested in your opinions! I have used Majestic a lot in the past, and I like their Trust Flow (TF) metric for a rough assessment of a domain (competition and expired domain analysis). Few...
  17. medialounge

    ✅✅High Quality Hand Made Trial Accounts(AWS,MOZ,ALEXA,SEMRUSH,JARVIS ETC)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Trial Accounts + Connected virtual credit cards AMAZON WEB SERVICE (750 hours) Default vcpu Start paying with attached vcc Cost =$15 SEMRUSH 30 Days Trial Cost =$10 Moz 30 Days Trial Cost =$10 JARVIS Trial Cost =$10 COGNITIVE SEO Trial Cost =$10 ALEXA AGENCY 30 Days Trial Cost =$10 On...
  18. nachez21

    [GET] Free Moz reports

    I'm offering Moz reports for free so if you need reports on keywords, website metrics, etc., you can either reply to this thread or PM me.
  19. Leader777

    x10 Moz Pro Accounts giveaway

    Giving 1 account to each , active member here. Who the fuck want it?
  20. L

    Increase Keyword Count

    How to increase keyword count in aherfs quickly
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