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    Hi all

    probably this "method" is kind of inefficient for a lot of people who are serious into email marketing, but I usually try to post only if I can contribute in some way and If I can help also one person with this it will be fine.

    A couple of months ago I tried the dropshipping method described by @nihalsad here:

    At the time (and now too) I was almost completely ignorant about FB advertising and very scared about "burn" 20$/day on fb ads, so I tried to implement the method with IG which I know and able automate properly.

    The "journey" ( more a testing of mine, in fact) ended up not because the method doesn't work, because it works, but I realized i don't want to have to manage with customers and if you do dropshipping you must have to.

    Instead, I realized that for every abandoned cart (a lot if you use free + shipping model, read more on the link above) you collected the mail of customer, which insert it BEFORE seeing the shipping fee and then leave the site.

    So I put up a lot of IG accounts i had already and started to target specific niches with free+ shipping model, just to test this hack to collect mails, in few words you must have:

    -IG automation software (I always used Massplanner and never tried others, from my experience MP is VERY effective but also a bit difficul to be fully learned)
    - Decent IG automation skill
    -IG accounts already aged/ warmed up (you can learn more details / how to warmup ig accounts from the excellent thread of @Cryogenesis here
    which is also my first attempt in IM and how I started learning about IG automation)

    How to get emails:

    -Create a shopify account with 1 or more products, set price to 0$ + 15$ shipping (usually it leads to 100% abandoned carts, but if you want to actually sell the product set it at the price you are able to actually sell it with dropshipping and earn from it)

    -Configure MP to target people who are potentially interested about this product
    -Setup a web 2.0 pre-lander with unique button like "proceed to get free [product]" (read more about it on Cryogenesis thread) and on this page mask your shopify url with a shortener like bitly.

    I set up an account with profile image the product (led dog collar) with the following description:
    "We are sick and tired Over 6 millions dogs are injured or killed on our roads each year mainly in night, So we are giving away FREE LED Collars --> [shortened 2.0 pre-lander] "

    If your account is fully warmed up ( for warmed up I mean 650 follow/day) and you targeted well your audience you will see a LOT of abandoned carts ( from 30 to 50 a day if you setup well all the things, MP in first) with relative mail address, and these people are not only product-targeted users, but the ones which actually clicked on your "call to action" so potentially the ones have propensity to buy/ interact with offers.

    If you have decent skill with IG this is very easy, and very convenient if you already have a lot of IG accounts created by bot to "burn".

    Hope this can help someone and maybe can be scaled a lot more than i was able to do

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