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  1. A

    How to scrape Email accounts for Email marketing .

    HI Guys Im looking to scrape email and send affiliate offers to Email .How to collect or scrape more emails accounts. Affiliate marketer share ideas it helpful for me.
  2. arthuditu

    Scrapping instagram - wanted person

    Hi I am looking for a person who can offer: Collecting email from instagram accounts. Filters: -E-mail - Must have an avatar -Last post uploaded x days ago -Ignore private profiles Search with: -Account -Hashtags Please write your price for collecting an email in the number: -1000 -5000...
  3. cpall

    Required- Email Scrap this list

    Hey. I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this request but I was wondering if someone was able to scrape contact information from this link. or if anyone knows of any free software I can do it with that would be appreciated.
  4. KJREDDY247@

    Where are all those Instgram Data scrappring tools??? :rolleyes:

    I used to see many threads on Instagram , LinkedIn scrapping tools with lifetime options. i cant find anything now. Except some services which are scrapping on demand. But they cost too much. I see the prices are like 5-10$ per 1K emails :anyway: What happened to all those tools, Instagram...
  5. Bigcookies


    Is there any proxy service that offers a free trial? without having to put in a company name
  6. KJREDDY247@

    Youtube video likes email scrapper

    I am not so sure if i put that title it in a right format, Is there any tool available to scrape emails for the profiles who liked or commented on a particular video on youtube
  7. KJREDDY247@

    Data scraping bot cost?

    If we need a bot to scrape data from 2-3 specific websites how much do people normally charge to make a bot like that? On what specifications does the cost depend?
  8. R

    Looking for a database scraper. (emails mainly)

    Interested in hiring somebody to scrape a few sites for me. These sites require the user to register their profile. I am mainly interested in their emails, but other data is also welcome. Looking for a good quote. Thanks
  9. P

    Scraping emails from forums using Scrapebox?

    Hey guys ,newbie here, I recently purchased Scrapebox and I was just wondering if it can actually scrape emails from a targeted forum, let's say a cat forum? P.S this is my first thread ,I believe so, sorry if it's on the wrong section/forum :)
  10. S

    I Need a YouTube About Page Email/Social URL Scraper

    I'm looking for a bot that can seek out and laser target specific types of niche content creators on youtube. basically i need the bot to look for youtubers in a certain niche with a certain amount of views and get the business email address for the youtube influencer. i need to get about 20,000...
  11. hazzi

    What is the best software that can scrape Real targeted emails?

    what is the best software for Mac btw that can scrape real targeted emails ?
  12. Nana Dada

    Should I build another email scraping web tool?

    Hi guys, I would like to receive some feedback regarding the following: A couple of months ago I wrote a small but very fast email harvesting script which is capable of scraping emails from almost any website, as long as they are posted as plain text or contained in HTML code. I first wrote it...
  13. O


    I am looking for either effective, existing email scrape tools for Telegram and/or Discord groups, or for a custom-build scrape bot for the same purpose.
  14. O


    Is anyone aware of an effective scrape tool to scrape telegram and/or discord groups for emails? I have yet to find one that works well.
  15. L

    Email Scraping services needed

    I want to hire someone who can scrape me the emails from a particular website. If anyone can do this, please contact me.
  16. F

    Scrapebox / Zillow &

    Hey guys, Anybody have any tips for scraping realtor email addresses from Zillow,, and other real estate sites? I'm not having much luck... probably due to email addresses being hidden behind javascript.
  17. W9go

    how to scrape emails of a niche in a specific country ??? (question - no tutorial)

    the intro says it .... how can i do that. only country domains, only a specific niche ...... i would like to have the emails ... and chance to do that ???
  18. F4lken

    How to scrape laser-targeted emails

    Hi all probably this "method" is kind of inefficient for a lot of people who are serious into email marketing, but I usually try to post only if I can contribute in some way and If I can help also one person with this it will be fine. A couple of months ago I tried the dropshipping method...
  19. S

    Email Scrapper

    Hi, I need to scrape emails from social networks and also from websites. I also need to test the valid emails. Can any one please suggest me which one is the best software for me to scrape emails?
  20. M


    Hello there! So I've been scraping emails from reviewers on Amazon. However, the scraper got suddenly blocked. 1. Do you guys think the cause might be that Amazon has blocked the IP address? 2. To scrape email-id, I needed to login. But logging in was difficult job because they were using...