Mar 11, 2021
Hi! One month ago me and my fiancé decided to start a Pornhub verified model account. I’m trying to get some account traffic on Reddit but still it isn’t enough. How to increase views? Is there any option of buying it? I saw many profiles that have clips lasts only 1 min or less and still got more than 100k per one video.
Upload photos, not only videos.
Create twitter account and post videos/photos there from PH.
Create snapchat account, and promote it on reddit. Then promote your PH account on snapchat.

Create account at top10-20 porn websites, try to get verified, add PH link or snapchat account in profiles and upload same content that you upload to PH.
  1. Post good content
  2. Post consistently
  3. Use attractive thumbnails
  4. Don’t forget to add tags to videos
  5. Add titles with essential keywords
  6. Create an Instagram and post your link in the bio and start posting stories and pics
  7. Use Snapchat for shorts
  8. Post clips in subreddits
There are tons of ways to grow your PornHub account organically. Never buy anything for fake growth. Porn is easy money, as compared to other niches so keep it natural
Choose a niche and be more specific with it. PH has a shitload of clips and if you gonna post videos with random titles and tags you won't get many views. Of course, some videos can blow up even with a title like "21241232r23.mp4" but if you'll do proper research and brainstorm your niche then you'll have much higher chances of getting a good amount of consistent views.
Bots / Crosssharing (in other social media networks) / Buy real views (but it's not cheap).
Pornhub probably(Like Tiktok,Youtube and many more media sites) boost you up when video is watched from start to end.
Maybe bots that "Watch the whole video" an option worth trying
I would indicate much more that you use pornhub to send traffic to Onlyfans but that depends on each person's personal goal.
I feel a lot of difference when uploading without translations and with many translations, a title in the native language of who is passing in the feed makes the combustion for the click to be much greater, in addition to all the tips for working with the aforementioned social networks previously.
Pornhub isnt that sophisticated so any proxies with diabolic traffic will increase your views. But why do you want to increase them?
  1. Post good content
  2. Post consistently
  3. Use attractive thumbnails
  4. Don’t forget to add tags to videos
  5. etc
Others already covered the marketing part so I'll say something different. Make sure that you treat it as a business. Invest into proper camera and set of lights. Find some photography courses online to educate yourself about equipment, proper light setup and see if you can improve your resolution, bitrate, details, color balance. You can get by with cheaper camera, if you'll add more lights. Use sunlight if you can to save on the lamp equipment. Aim for 4K, 60 FPS, with at least 20Mbps in a well lit scene. I don't know if there are any website-limits with this, like compression, so check that as well.

From the non-technical side, you can probably research more about skin-care and other methods of buffing up your looks on camera. If you are able to produce professional content and if your girl looks above average, you have a pretty decent chance at making great money. You'll probably need more than one camera, different camera stands, a body mounted camera (chest or head), etc... Big hint: make sure you don't talk or moan during your recordings, this is a complaint I hear all the time about guys who fuck on camera and can't shut up. The focus is on your girl and ideally the only thing you add to a scene is your crotch. :D Another thematical complaint is not letting her finish you off. That is why she is there for, stop using your hands.

Improve content and I am sure you'll make progress. Content is king in SEO, I don't see why it wouldn't be in xxx clips. Too many people treat it as an "easy" job, where you don't need to invest much to begin and then produce mediocre content, earning average or below average income, despite the threat to their privacy and future prospects. Go all in or don't do it at all.

Diversify, don't only post on one site. Open accounts across the board and interlink it where you can. You'll find an extensive list if you google it but at the very list you should open accounts on OnlyFans and Fansly. Same rules apply as anywhere else. Always overdeliver on your promises to customers.
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