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  1. I

    How to increase views on PornHub?

    Hi! One month ago me and my fiancé decided to start a Pornhub verified model account. I’m trying to get some account traffic on Reddit but still it isn’t enough. How to increase views? Is there any option of buying it? I saw many profiles that have clips lasts only 1 min or less and still got...
  2. A

    I got Scammed On Pornhub

    Hello guys someone scammed me on pornhub. Before 3 days someone sends me a message on pornhub saying do you want a tip? I said sure. He send me 100$ Tip. He asked me if i wanted more. I said sure. He said that if he send me 100 $ tip he wanted me to send 40$ back. I said ok. He sends another 100...
  3. a11s

    ✔ ✅ BECOME VERIFIED ✅ ✔ PornHub & RedTube Verified Accounts! ✔ Blue or Red Tick?

  4. libertine x

    Need more views and subscribers on pornhub - please help !

    Hi guys and gals I have my own profile on pornhub verified in amateur model program im getting about 1k views a day with an average payout of $1 per 1k views. I don't have the marketing skills to really grow the traffic to my profile I know I am competing against all of the other content...