Jul 1, 2019
Hey i am a student and i want to grow my instagram to do some earnings and to be self independent. please tell me few ways to grow instagram and tips
It will be a big help for me

Thank you
I would start with an instagram bot with 2-3 accounts on your home ip. Start following and unfollowing. After a while you can grow organically. In my opinion this is the best way to grow, when your stat from zero.
Fast and easy...isn't that what everyone wishes for?
No such thing really, and if there is, its kept secret or else the method will get banned.
Whenever i start a new IG i just follow and unfollow for a while. Put out good content and send my content to people, hours and hours..
It matters how big is your account.

If you are starting from scratch, you will have to hustle your way up to 3K-5K with follow/unfollow (there are some safe services and bots, do your research about it) but before you do that, you need to warm up your new account.

When you get to the point of 3K-5K, reach out to bigger pages that have 10K and offer them 2 shoutouts for 1. Most of these pages will do it.
Also, you want to comment on the competitor's new posts with some relevant long opinion. Do it daily and you will see coming followers from them, you will literally steal them.
When I reach out 3-5K followers I prefer to turn off slowly autofollow/unfollow.

Also, try to take a look on competitors and see, which posts went viral. Try to upload something similar, if not exact pics (If it's their work or photo, include credits of course, do not steal)
By the time you will have some posts going viral on the explore page which will bring you tons of traffic.

By the time you will have around 10-20K and this is breakpoint where most of the pages starts growing crazy! I had some successful experiences with some pages and I was growing some accounts 200-400 followers daily. That's a 9K monthly +.. It's a snowball..

Also, do not try to sell shoutouts till you have around 30K followers because you want to build a strong audience first :)

Post daily, comment on competitors, engage with your audience and you should be fine. Everything also matters on the niche you are in.

Also hard work and being patient is very important. There is more techniques but these are pretty basic.

I hope I helped you :)
While the previous posts give you good guidance, it's important to point out that you are are going to face a lot of obstacles this days regarding ig.

People using their own residential ip to connect to ig are experiencing action blocks for no reason. Not to say those using bots.

Good luck in your journey though
I advise you to start by following a few hundred people in your niche. After that, start commenting on all their posts every time they post as this will start to get your name out there. Also, you can run some worldwide Facebook ads on your id. This is good to get your followers up
Everything is simple it's just not easy. Nothing is easy, you cannot get easy money. If that would be a case - everyone would be rich and then capitalism would loos it's value etc.

buy few aged accounts and build up manually - that's the safest way but not easy.
Comment, like and be involved in your niche. You have to build an account which would look raw and would look like the actual person is sitting behind it.
Addition to botting, make controversial/viral videos on youtube and social media, post your instagram account in the description.

and watch it grow
Unfortunately, there is no secret formula that will help you grow your Instagram overnight. However, there are a few ways that will definitely help you grow an audience.

  1. Post content at least twice a week (more, if you have the time). If you’d like to keep your followers engaged, you’ll need to be consistent. If you’re consistent, chances are your followers will recommend you to their friends, and so on.

  2. Don’t overdo it with the hashtags. Choose 7-10 hashtags, and stick with them. Instagram offers a maximum of 30 hashtags, but there’s no need to go overboard.

  3. Post different types of content. You can post a story one day, and then make a video the next. That way you’ll keep your audience engaged.
Also, you should take some time throughout the day to respond to some comments. But, don’t use generic responses, try to be as sincere as you can. Add some fun emojis as well. Oh, and remember to follow plenty of people. That’s never a bad idea.
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