How to build a mylikes clone?

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    So I have been doing mylikes for a while and have made some good money doing it. In my best week I have made $400. But as you know mylikes shaves clicks and if they are paying me my 2 cents per click it means that they are making more than 2 cents per click off of the advertising on their website. Now I don't want to undervalue my own traffic by getting paid only a portion of it's true value.

    My goal is to create blog posts in a similar fashion to mylikes where each post is list article containing 10 or so pages with a picture and a little information about the topic. For example ( Top Ten Sports Cars of 2013 ) Where each page is a new car. The problem is I haven't found a good way to go about doing this on wordpress or blogger. Obviously you can go page by page placing a next page button and linking it to another page over and over. But this is a super time consuming task and my hope would be to crank out as many relevant list articles as possible to maximize revenues. Does anyone know a template or method for creating posts like this easily?

    I believe mylikes gives us an excellent template for a money making website plan which is obviously working for them enough where they can afford to pay people for every quality click. In fact I would venture to guess that posts created to match your exact niche or market would do even better than sharing the posts that mylikes writes.

    Anybody have any input how this could be streamlined?
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    Follow this, want to do this exactly :)