Jul 16, 2017
Hello everybody, Is it possible to add clickable link ( Affiliate link ) into Youtube video ? If yes, can anybody give me the video/video links ? Is there any restriction from Youtube side ? Can I add my affiliate link in "Associated website" ( Channel--> Advance section in Youtube channel ) ?
I dont think you can add those aff links in the associated website section but you can easily post affiliate links in the description of your videos.
You can't do it anymore.. all you have to do is edit the video and put your link in it
Example: "go to : http://www.example.com"
youtube has been disabled annotation so the only way you can add aff links is in the youtube cards
Youtube Cards, with a clickable link in the description. Use the video to promote your Pitch and page. Then have a well timed card promoting your site with an attractive title. And make it known there is a link in description. Just in case they turn off annotations. Good luck
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