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    How to add clickable link ( Affiliate ) into Youtube video

    Hello everybody, Is it possible to add clickable link ( Affiliate link ) into Youtube video ? If yes, can anybody give me the video/video links ? Is there any restriction from Youtube side ? Can I add my affiliate link in "Associated website" ( Channel--> Advance section in Youtube channel ) ?
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    Question For YT Expert Regarding Terms & Conditions & Clickable Links

    Hi, I have no problem ranking videos but maybe leaving money on the table not including a clickable link in the video to a url or better still phone. I am unsure if this is against ther T&C as they are pretty happy to close down any channel at will. Any expert on here who knows the answer 100%...
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    hi guys i am new to BHW me to build a basic website to get my adsense approved

    hello guys .. help me to build a website to get my adsense approved . i am new to internet marketing i want to earn from adsense as my many known persons earning good money but they are not willing to reveal their secrets .. can anyone help me .. thank you guys
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    How To Create Multiple Links From A Single Domain

    Hi, Anyone know how to create hundereds of clickable links from a single domain to use in compaigns without using the shortner sites. most of the shortner domains are already blocked on many servers.
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