Question For YT Expert Regarding Terms & Conditions & Clickable Links


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Nov 28, 2008

I have no problem ranking videos but maybe leaving money on the table not including a clickable link in the video to a url or better still phone. I am unsure if this is against ther T&C as they are pretty happy to close down any channel at will.

Any expert on here who knows the answer 100% please reply. Sorry no interested in "maybe" etc replies as such replies are a complete waste of time.

I don't think its made entirely clear in YouTube terms, least not last time i checked.

If you have a quality channel offering true value then i think you are safe. If you have a spammy channel offering nothing but spammy bullshit then you will get into trouble at some point maybe.
Thanks for the replies to-date. I am talking about a simple link to my website or maybe cell phone. Not to affilate offers etc. They could continue to just simply click on the link in the description box of the video, but I want to make it eaier for them to contact me/client. I am sure I have seen plugins that do this but I do not trust YT and the other major players as they move the goal posts when it suits them.
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