1. MicroBit-OMS

    PPC: high bidding or high budget?

    Hi everyone! Besides proper research, analytics and finding out appropriate keywords what's better? High bidding or high budget? We're spending a lot on PPC for different accounts and not making that many sales. For some product sales is quite disappointing.
  2. nospherat13

    streaming script

    hi all, someone know a script to automatically add video to my streaming site? I explain to you, I want a script which updates for example serial episodes from a base like another streaming site for example to my site.
  3. Cro7

    Best way to test product?

    Hi, I am wondering what is the best way to test a product that I want to sell with dropshipping? Do I need to create a store, video, edit all pictures and then try to advertise, or I need first to create an advertisement and then see results? Where would I send the customers in that case, if I...
  4. Luca Jones

    How to monetize a youtube channel with 15k subs without getting copyroght strikes?

    Hey guys, So I got a youtube channel with 15k and I wish to try something out with the channel. I can monetize it and wish to go legit (by legit means I wish to upload videos and earn from them, I was promoting stuff on it) but I got 2 strikes and had to delete all the videos. I will wait it...
  5. RedwolfAj

    IDK what to do i'm broke need advice.

    hello i need advice and words from BHW members I used to sell game hacks(real hack not fake ones) but developers patched every codes now my source of income is gone but i made decent money from it. in the past i tried a lot to make money in seo but failed horribly. i don't have any real life...
  6. J

    Hi friends, lease send me the script for add all friends to Facebook Group

    please send me the script for add all friends to Facebook Group
  7. H

    Facebook Group members

    Hello everyone :) It's possible to add Facebook Friend of Friends in Facebook Group automatically? or it's possible to asking someone to join in facebook group also automatically? Thank you.
  8. B

    Is that possible to create ad only for one country and for one sex ?

    Hi, Is that possible to create ad only for one country and for one sex ? Let's say that I want to create ad ONLY for GERMAN WOMEN or somthing like that...
  9. M

    How to control add in Youtube video

    Hi everybody, is it possible to control/choice add ( By Google adsense ) in Youtube video ? Is it possible to show only product picture/video ?
  10. M

    How to add clickable link ( Affiliate ) into Youtube video

    Hello everybody, Is it possible to add clickable link ( Affiliate link ) into Youtube video ? If yes, can anybody give me the video/video links ? Is there any restriction from Youtube side ? Can I add my affiliate link in "Associated website" ( Channel--> Advance section in Youtube channel ) ?
  11. mrki444

    Will this method ban my account?

    Steps 1. Create website, add content and ads (Adsense or similar, not pop up). 2. Advertise on forums, other site, get visitors. 3. After getting 800 visitors, buy one click on ad. How to buy one click on ad? 1. Check you visitors stats and check countrys and links from where visitors came...
  12. Jerinzm

    i want to make addmefast Type Website For my personal works

    Hey, can any one tell me, where i Get this types of Script, or software. thanks
  13. H

    Cant add friends anymore to group

    Hello, Im having an issue recently with fb groups. My accounts, admin or not, cant add friends anymore to specific groups that i own. The accounts are not restricted. Even when I try to add a friend with the little input box, i see "XXXX has been added to group". But when I refresh the page or...
  14. SicHa

    Method: How to Add any website to your Instagram Profile (Pron, Spam)

    Ok I decided to share 1 of my secret, How to Add any website to your Instagram Profile Work 100% usually if you try to add porn, spam website to your IG profile you get error and There are 10000.. site already marked as spam on IG Instagram crawl will check your website, you cannot add any...
  15. L

    Can someone share a method to add friends of specific niche?

    Hi, as the title say, I'm asking for a method to add specific niche friends. Nowadays, what I do is, seeing pictures my current friends post and try to add people who like it, but it's too slow. So guys, please share other method you know. Thanks!
  16. clickfast


    Good morning Clan! first I wanted to apologize for my bad english. anyone know any method of adding to my list of friends as much as possible of people of certain facebook group? Thank you and good day to all
  17. Shqipenet


  18. Omirag

    [Journey] ADD trial and error, mostly error adventure journey in IM!

    I have been hesitant about the idea of starting a journey. I thought to myself that I would only start a journey once I had found something that worked. Then people would care what I had to say. I now know after reading through several of these journeys that my favorite things ti read is how...
  19. H

    Facebook Expert needed !

    Hi to all, I have an email list from Facebook (Targeted email list addresses, i need someone who can : 1 - Create multiple Facebook phone verified accounts 2 - invite this list to created profiles until reaching 3000/4000 friends per profile 3 - Change profile names to a specific...
  20. J

    Clickbank ADD TRACKING CODE and hypertracker doubts

    Hi! I'm New to clickbank and I have some doubts about the clickbank add tracking code option working with HyperTracker. Firstly ADD TRACKING CODE option is only for sellers, or is it also for affiliates? To work with HyperTracker i have to choose the option tracking pixel? I appreciate...
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