How can I make a 2nd AdMob Account in the U.S?

John Autumn

Jun 8, 2017
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Thing is, I already have a second AdMob account that stopped receiving money around the $170 mark. It wants me to put in my bank account number, enter my tax info, and my address. I don't want this conflicting with my first account.

Things I've Done
Opened a new bank account
Registered AdMob on a virtual machine with a VPN

Things I need help with
Entering tax info
Entering physical mailing address

Will I get caught if I use my tax info that is also in my first AdMob account ? The name on my AdMob account is also different than the new bank account (New bank account has real name) will this conflict in any way ? Also, what is a good strategy for getting a new AdMob verification address ?