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Highest paying ad network (CPM)

Discussion in 'Torrents' started by LimitedOrNoAds, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. LimitedOrNoAds

    LimitedOrNoAds Newbie

    Dec 14, 2019
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    I've created a website for my youtube channel with just under 80k views a month and want to monetize my website, I already use link shorteners but that makes me back about as much as it cost to host my site, so I'm looking to run ads on my site, CPM ads, that pay per 1,000 views/impressions opposed to being paid per click (although if it pays both that's even better)

    Obviously with my niche AdSense won't accept me and media(dot)net has rejected me.
    Really any types of ads will do; popups, banners, native.

    I don't like CPA shit, like content lockers, I want to monetize on my traffic but I don't want to annoy my viewers.