Hi new here and unemployed..

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    Unemployed trying to work from home
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    Just thought I would introduce myself. I have been messing and working on computers ever since I could remember. Most of my career I worked in the tech industry.

    I even remember the old BBS's and then graphical BBS's before the Internet became the world wide web. I havent really gotten into web design, or even any type of programming languages unfortunately.

    Being unemployed, I have recently tried to sell things on Ebay and on the do it yourself website builders. It had its ups and downs but I really havent struck a decent living at all.

    Honestly its been stressful and I have been looking all over for ideas and help. I accidentally came across this forum and poked around and felt maybe I could get some help here.

    I did not know what area to post about getting some services for White Label website help and SEO. I am looking to sign up with a couple of affiliates for the white label programs.

    One being Adult Web cams and another for Dating/Matchmaking for now.

    I would really like to pay someone for services that can use the tools that the affiliates give me and to create a nice website and get me some traffic.

    Also to pay that person monthly or whatever for the continuing of those services. I am not rich by any means and would like to find fair prices and quality work that can maybe understand my situation.

    I have always loved technology, and my interests are working on PC's building PC's, online gaming, music etc..

    Hope to hear from anyone and thanks for letting me be part of this community.