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    I got my first buzz when I read Gary Vs first book. It all sounded
    very logic to me. Since that day in mid 2011, I've gone through most
    of the obvious books, like "Think And Grow Rich" or Robert Kyosakis
    "Rich Dad Poor Dad" . All in all it must have been 30 to 40 books
    in the last year.

    After a certain point mid 2012 I've read enough and started to look
    for product ideas. I've gone through some iterations and found
    a promising idea.
    The site is online since a month and I already have the first sales.

    Now it is time for me to built up a steady income from it.
    I am currently I college student, but will soon be a bachelor
    of engineering in mechanical engineering.

    I love cars, money :) and freedom :).
    I am interested in all things marketing and can help
    you guys with copy writing, product development,
    product designing as well as providing engineering solutions
    for product ideas you guys have.

    Next year I will do my internship and write my bachelor thesis.
    I am currently writing applications to different companies.
    I am looking at both technical and business oriented positions.
    The technical positions because I am passionated about
    all things engineering , the business positions because they will
    help me reach my goals in the future.

    I intern this year as a sales rep and learnt a lot. I got into everything
    sales related in the beginning of this year and I hold it as on of
    the most important things to nail down, when one is setting out
    on a successful entrepreneurial path.

    Thanks to the creator of the forum.

    I'll try to see, where I can add some value.

    - Maxamillion
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    Welcome Aboard Mexamillion. Enjoy your stay on this forum. You'll have tons of options to learn and earn while you are there on this forum.

    Cheers :)
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    Hi CuriousClocker,

    I try to look for business opportunities and than explore them.
    I do the coding and webdesign myself, as I did for my current product.

    I try to keep initial costs as low as possible and
    make the business profitable and cash flow positiv
    as soon as possible.

    In regards of taking other peoples money:
    I try to stay away from it. If that means that I have
    to work a second job or growing the business
    slowly, I don't mind the hustle.
    I like it :).