1. pastramirecipes

    APPLYING TO IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS (College Admisions Journey)

    The birds are chirping, the trees are treeing, and I'm sitting here reflecting on my short life. Hi, I am about 17 years old. I live in the US, and I like flying kites. I've noticed that I've been growing up lately. Not just physically, but mentally as well. I believe this is the slow...
  2. Tube Agency

    Is college waste of time?

    I wanna hear your opinions backed by arguments on what do you think is more beneficial in today's world, going to college or self-education - starting some businesses and having some side hustles? I think college is waste of time, you're learning something that was working 50 years ago. For us...
  3. irivi

    [Attending] University/College Campus for Promotion

    It is my belief that a handful of ultra-successful businesses have been formed as a result of the environment which is a University/College Campus. It has been a while since I have been a student. Let me know what you think to about the following questions: 1. Do you think that the campus...
  4. powbow

    Introduction // My Past // Hungry for success

    Hey guys, what's up. I'm powbow, I'm 20 years old turning 21 very soon. I've been lurking on this website for something like 4 years and I've learned a lot since I first joined and I've now decided that I'm ready to start building a good reputation for myself + find a partner(s) to work together...
  5. M

    Looking to make money in a college town

    I recently moved near a college campus, and I'm looking to make some money off students here. I'm willing to do some leg work, but I would prefer something that I could do from my laptop while I am in class and such. I've been trying to brainstorm some ideas the past 3 days, but nothing solid...
  6. FriedrichWN

    College for Education or Connections ?

    Hi, I live in Turkey and im a senior high school student and i will be 19 soon. I have several business ideas in my mind that i want to accomplish. I won't go into the details of the university entrance system all that matters is I have 2 main options in front of me. 1) Go to a really good...
  7. -Ali-

    How do you deal with the ....( A little story about me )

    Shiny object syndrome . Well, 6 months ago I started a local small e-commerce business. It lasted for 2 months and i ended up losing all the money i made trying to find a next winning product... but in that small time frame, I learned a lot about the local market.( went to a locally paid...
  8. SeoProMatt

    [My Motivation] The Monster Waiting for Me After Graduation

    I've always hated the 9-5. I don't mind working my ass off. But going to the same place at the same time every day and doing the same thing does not seem like living to me. I'm 20 right now, going to graduate college in 6 months give or take (May 3rd, 2019) and am terrified of the life that...
  9. SeoProMatt

    Need Motivation [Help]

    Hey guys, I'm a college senior studying Aerospace Engineering. I also have two affiliate sites. One is kind of running on its own but I'm still ranking it and writing articles and makes about $600-$700. The second one I'm still in the process of building it and putting up 3-4 articles a week...
  10. P

    Help me sell student leads to Colleges

    I have a connection with thousands of students visiting their site to find information about graduate and master program. It is a combination of domestic and international students who are searching for graduate programs (Masters/MBA). These are very qualified leads with phone numbers, emails...
  11. S

    Make money with college audience

    I've been thinking of doing something lucrative for my college that can, in turn, make me online cash. So far my ideas are as far as creating a community website that is centered around social stuff and what's going on in campus. Another idea is creating sort of a classified site where people...
  12. BuzzLT22

    My Instagram Journey for followers!

    Hey Guys. I start a new journey for a College football player and me. The idea is to create some instagram account on college football, soccer and NFL and try to reach between 500.000 and 1 millions followers One account will be for a friend of me playing college sport, the idea is to make him...
  13. IGKing

    I just graduated from college! Was it worth it? [8 YEARS ON BHW]

    [ALMOST 3,000 WORDS BELOW. PREPARE YOURSELF.] In 2 days, it will officially be 8 years since I’ve joined Black Hat World! I was only 14 when I registered! This week, I just received my college diploma. Times flies! So... “Is college worth it?” o_O Short answer: Depends Long answer...
  14. MrRobe

    Journey to MERIT for College application (35$ a day)

    Hey Blackhatters! INTRODUCTION I'm a 21 year old from Sweden and I've always had interest in IM and sales. Recently I worked as a salesman and sold advertising in Swedens biggest newspaper. Working with advertising sales I've realized that I mainly want to CREATE ads and not only SELL ads. In...
  15. Rob Rouse Jr

    Ideas on how to make side money online in college?

    College is a busy time, and with school coming up I feel like this is a good time for us to brainstorm. Does anybody have any good ideas about non-time consuming side jobs online to do?
  16. Corazon1337

    [Journey] To college tuition, financial independence. (IG)

    Hey guys how are you doing? My story: So my parents and I saved up money for tuition since I was a little kid and I have a bank account where I saved up the money so I could pay for it, (basically all the money I got for my birthday, holidays, ...) Tuition is quite cheap in my country so I...
  17. Judith Mcbaine

    Hey, from: a college kid

    Hey! My name is actually Myles, not Judith - it's just a name I chose forever ago and decided to stick with it. I'm super interested in academics, particularly politics, ethnic studies, religion, history, and genealogy - but this past year I've also become obsessed with the internet. I love...
  18. deathass01

    How I Made My First $ Online

    Hey Guys, I'm going to keep this short and sweet, but I'd just like to tell you about when I first started IM when I was in my late teens, So I was about 17 and Had interest in making money online, I thought ok, I'll try and act like a supermarket, buy low, sell high etc etc. Which eventually...
  19. Albiyon

    College Major

    I'm a Freshman at Texas A&M. I've been having a bit of a crisis of major recently. My major currently is general engineering, because that's what all first year engineering students start out as, but next year I have to decide which track of engineering I'm going to major in. I was thinking...
  20. F

    Hi :)

    Hello everybody, I'm a 19 year old guy from Italy attending college who needs some extra money! I've been working on the online marketplace for just one month, having no experience at all, and after 31 days I got my first 65$ check from various websites. Here I hope to get in touch with new...
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