1. Peter Turner

    Hiring - Sales Executives - Any Geo

    Looking for sales executives having good fluency in English and / or Your local language. Job details - You will be provided leads whom you have to call and convert into sale. The leads will be from SaaS vertical. There will be fixed monthly salary plus bonus on per acquired customer. Geo -...
  2. natenateaskquestions

    Need people in the US to post ads on Craigslist from multiple locations.

    Hey there! Social Media Agency owner here! We've run into issues with CL because we accidentally posted several ads in multiple cities without realizing that you can't do that anymore (this is our primary sales channel, or was, rather, for low-budget social media clients. In lieu of this...
  3. exec

    Way to appraise & sell domains?

    I have a bunch of domains that GoDaddy themselves appraise at a few thousands of bucks, though they're registered with Having never been in the domains' sales business and not knowing much about it, I'd like to hear your advice as to: - Which services out there provide fair...
  4. knn125

    Off-Page Activity Giving Direct Sale?

    Hello All, My client is having clothing e-commerce store. I want to ask which off-page activity can generate direct sales. is it a classified ad posting? or directory submission ? or business listing? Please share your thoughts.
  5. aduttonater

    AD Landscaping Here

    I started marketing back in 2009 with click bank and other affiliates. Now in the landscaping maintenance and management niche. I have been doing this for 15 years. Now this summer training people through Facebook YouTube and blogger on how they can start their own yard biz. However, the concept...
  6. G

    Hiring OnlyFans chatter

    Looking for a highly motivated person to work as a chatter. Up and coming model, base salary + comission Qualifications: -English level C1 or C2 (perfect or close to perfect) -Sales skills and understanding (at least the basics) -High speed and reliable internet connection -Can work 8...

    My Male Enhancement Products + Your marketing skills= Millions

    Hello All. I have my own supply chain of Male enhancement products. i can take care of everything from product to shipping to reshipping also payment gateway. If you know some way to generate sales or leads llike SEO Email Marketing Ads Affiliate Marketing Sms Marketing ETC. We can make...
  8. S

    Help with Cold Emailing Project

    Hi all, I don't have much experience with cold emailing, but I have a project coming up that requires it. Are there any experienced cold emailers out there who can help me out? Alternatively, do you know of any guides that could assist me in setting up my cold emailing campaign? My goal is to...

    Looking for a Sales Training Course for a small service business

    any sales training program that cost between $500 to $1500 that good for local service business focusing on cold calling What course you guys prefer or think worth it.. Thanks
  10. I

    Hiring: Sales Representative OF Chatter (Remote)

    Sales Representative (Chatter) (Remote) We are an OF Agency. Currently, we are expanding our team, and we have an opening position for a sales agent. The main responsibilities of the role are: engaging in conversation with our customers, building relationships, selling PPVs, documenting your...
  11. T2xor

    Bypassing Newest Google Ads Policy Update | Black hat | Google ads | Crypto | Promotion | SET UP GOOGLE ADS PAID REQUEST

    Hey as you can see above, I'm having trouble setting up my google ads account, would like to pay for the help. The goal is to raise money, happy to share some % of the raise as well done immediately upon purchase by user to your wallet account.
  12. T2xor

    Bypassing Newest Google Ads Policy Update | Black hat | Google ads | Crypto | Promotion | Possible solution or Help

    Hi, I've been reading about newest google ads policy and it turns out they tweaked some filter because I have to separate companies accounts (different CC/company name/IP/cookies) and both got flagged for manual review after couple of hours when increased the budget. I'm not really sure what I...
  13. The Universe Legend

    B2B expert needed to bring a callcenter projects (% per project)

    Hello BHW, As I'm currently taking care of a callcenter that has over 30+ positions/laptops... Calling setup ready, all business papers are done... I'm planning to hire 1 or two experts in that field that can bring proper projects. We can discuss either a payment or a % for each project and...
  14. Outc@st

    Question About Cickbank Low Sale Volume...

    I'm currently promoting two similar Clickbank products. Here are my current stats for the offers: Offer 1: 74 hops, 17 order form impressions, and one sale. Offer 2: 63 hops, 8 order form impressions, and one sale. Do you think I should be getting more sales with these stats? I think the...
  15. jolev25

    (Asking For Help) Interior Designer Struguling To Sell My Services

    Hello I've been here for a while side hustling some of the methods in the forum to make some extra cash. Now i reached i point in my life where I have qualitiies and qualification to work on somthing that im good at but i strugle to find customers I have some expirience with Facebook ads so I...
  16. DMWD


    Brain Pod AI Image Generator Create Unlimited Images On Virtually Any Topic In Seconds. Make Multiple Images At One Time. Utilize Options & Configurations To Get Some Of The Best Results! Join Completely Free With No Subscription Or Credit Card Required To Use Our Service, Including The API...
  17. B

    someone who costs a lil cheap to run my facebook ad

    so basically i've been launching facebook ads for the past month, i get tons of link clicks but very low conversions rate i don't know what i'm doing wrong because it's my first time running facebook ads ever, so i just need someone who can setup everything for me and be able to analyse the...
  18. tattooedbuddha

    [GUIDE] ✅ What do the best salespeople have in common? The TOP 5 ESSENTIAL attributes ✅

    So you want to get better at sales eh? Well look no further, the answer is here. Ask yourself this, What do the best salespeople have in common? Here are the TOP 5 ESSENTIAL attributes that most of the best salespeople have: 1. Confidence in success The best sellers have a very strong belief...
  19. ty310

    [JV] My Sales Skills > Your US BASED Marketing Agency/Marketing Adjacent Services

    Hello BHW, I am an experienced, US based digital marketer looking to transition into a sales role (preferably partnering with a US based Agency/Marketers). I've been working in digital marketing (primarily social media management, influencer marketing, paid media buying, etc.) for the better...
  20. E

    B2B Sales - What's Next?

    Hey guys, New to the forum but have been lurking for a while, love the content and get a ton of value from the community. I focus on Outbound and B2B Sales for big enterprise, so I wasn't sure where exactly to post about this. If this is the right space to post, my question is: What's next...
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