Hey guys beware of FB accts.

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    Today a friend of mines messages me on Facebook saying hey whats up can you believe I'm in London and I got mugged last nite.

    They took my cell phone and wallet.

    So I told him I know a very well known artist's manager over there and can call him to help him out, he was like can you help me out with $780?

    I said ok but send it where and to what name.

    I know his real name but he told me the fake FB name my friend uses and thats when I got suspicious. I was really going for a sec, cause my friend knows alot of people, I called a mutual friend and asked them if they heard from the person.

    They said yeah, he was going to the gym yesterday when I last spoke to him, so we all got on 3way and laughed about it.

    But I know we are all BlackHatters here, but this he got in touch with FB and they believe it was a Nigerian 419.

    The scammer tried it with a few of his other friends, so just saying beware of a new scam.
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