1. O

    Hello BlackHatWorld

    I am Optimummizey, a new member from Nigeria. I wish to enjoy my stay here and learn very well from all the bosses here. Thank you all in anticipation.
  2. mystery

    Good Reliable Nigerian Dating Affiliate Network?

    Does anyone know of any good Nigerian dating affiliate network? If not exclusively for Nigerian dating, then is there a good network that allows linking and retrieving of links for diff categories and countries, including Nigeria? Thanks! EDIT: If no network, then is there any ebook or...
  3. nahor

    Hey guys beware of FB accts.

    Today a friend of mines messages me on Facebook saying hey whats up can you believe I'm in London and I got mugged last nite. They took my cell phone and wallet. So I told him I know a very well known artist's manager over there and can call him to help him out, he was like can you help me out...
  4. shadowcaster

    Funniest nigerian e-mail I have ever received ;)

    Funniest e-mail I have ever received ;) --------------------- SCAM VICTIMS COMPENSATION PAYMENT AWARD Greetings to you, On behalf of the Obama's Foundation, we wish to notify you as a beneficiary of $500,000.00 USD in compensation of scam victims.Do contact HSBC INTERNATIONAL...
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