HELPFUL: Efficient Video Presentation Editing Tool (ProShow Producer)

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Oct 4, 2011
Hi there fellow BHW members!

I want to share a superb video presentation editing software that I have been using for years. You can personalize all motions from different angles. Tons of magnificent templates can be used too. For those of you who like this software, you can download it through torrent. Visit torrent sites and search for "Photodex Proshow Producer". Video processing will never take hours. In fact, I was able to process a 1 hour long video for just 20minutes using a computer with 3.7 GHz AMD Athlon processor and 1.0GB DDR2 RAM.
I recently downloaded one called Video Editor (by Stillbonsoftware )and made a couple of short videos using it. I really have no experience with that type of stuff, and yet found it not too hard to use. I even added a music track and text in certain areas and it worked great.

Learn more search on google: Stillbonsoftware


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