video convert

  1. anthonyinit

    PHP developer with video fetching experience

    Hello, I'm looking for a PHP expert who has experience with video converting / fetching script
  2. Jughead

    Ever use a VIDEO-TO-MP3 converting website? << === $$$$$$$$

    So first post, been lurking/creepin for a while now but didn't know how legit the site was, blah blah, tried a few things with IG but just basically been scheming.. HAS ANYONE USED A VIDEO TO MP3 WEBSITE? Used specifically usually for the younger youth to downloading youtube videos... Also...
  3. wickedguy

    *New* Wordpress Video Plugin with a Twist!

    Hi Guys I'm in the process of creating a video plugin for wordpress. Anyways, to create the plugin is a no-brainer. The thing which makes this plugin different, is the fact that users of the plugin will be able to add videos to their posts with clickable buttons, banners and adsense. The first...
  4. bxuhub

    HELPFUL: Efficient Video Presentation Editing Tool (ProShow Producer)

    Hi there fellow BHW members! I want to share a superb video presentation editing software that I have been using for years. You can personalize all motions from different angles. Tons of magnificent templates can be used too. For those of you who like this software, you can download it through...
  5. popzzz

    [GET] Instant Video Articles

    *TIME-SENSITIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNT* ?Watch The Video Below To See How This Awesome Software Converts Your Articles Into Traffic-Sucking Videos In Under 30 Seconds!? Convert all your PLR articles into videos! So on and so...
  6. M

    A question on creating salesletter

    I dun want my sales letter to be too boring so I want to add some kind of audio or videos. Sometimes in a sales page, I saw some "real people" came out and talk about the product when opening the website. I am wondering how to make those kind of audio stuff or service?? Or are they any PLR...
  7. C

    How to create Videos&add my URL in the video for youtube videos?

    I have seen many people making money using youtube. I want to know how to make videos for marketing through youtube and also I want to know how do I add my URL transparently in the video on the right hand side while it floats from top to bottom so that others dont copy my video and add their URL...
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