Ever use a VIDEO-TO-MP3 converting website? << === $$$$$$$$


Jun 15, 2014
So first post, been lurking/creepin for a while now but didn't know how legit the site was, blah blah, tried a few things with IG but just basically been scheming..

HAS ANYONE USED A VIDEO TO MP3 WEBSITE? Used specifically usually for the younger youth to downloading youtube videos... Also works for other things like soundcloud, blah blah. But recently with my new found "Black Hat Knowledge" I've been paying more attention to website ad setups.

Today, downloading a few songs, i noticed that most of the silly little sites i use, that the ads were being forced on clicking pretty much anywhere on the page.

Wanna download the song? cool, click on the first button """"Convert"""" and instant a overlay add is clicked on and it opens a add, which hypothetically most new people will download / adventure and click around for a bit / type in a email / complete a offer /...

Than you of course have to click on the second button, """"DOWNLOAD MP3""""", and boom, another ad. Ive been using sites like this for years, not to download tons of music but like even for school they taught us to grab .MP3's for free that way...

Is this like some amazing money making scheme rarely talked about?.. not a lot of reliable / well designed sites.

How in the name of god do they not get banned off adsense? would they have to use a lower paying ad running service (clickbank, whatevr) to not get banned right as the site picks up? Is there like a limit on ad clicks you can receive on a website?? ((((ONLY ever had youtube monetizing experience))))

Anyway i feel like this had and still has amazing money making potential. Anyone have any idea's / stories / words of advice to contribute?
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just did a quick search on google's #1 result for "youtube to mp3"...it gets 360 million visitors per month (source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/youtube-mp3.org#overview). definitely traffic flowing haha. I think the hard part is coming up with the code to strip the mp3 from the video and then reup it for download

FFMPEG will do the trick in 2 seconds. Set up a cron to delete fiels after 10 minutes and you're site is done!
FFMPEG will do the trick in 2 seconds. Set up a cron to delete fiels after 10 minutes and you're site is done!

Damn, would be agood start project indeed. Nice user intgerface/less forced ads. $2 for no ads and some kind of extra tools.... Got me thinking.

*****ALSO seems like you can ony use the sites a few times before it doesn't let you download the song after converting it... but try again in 5 mins and it does.
Specific traffic limiting??? So single users cant spam the system/get shown to many ads alerting Google Crawlers?..
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