video editor

  1. sageshark

    Selling One Camtasia 2019 Video Editor Software - Single User - Lifetime License

    Hello Everyone, I have one single license of Camtasia Video editing software (Win) that I had purchased in 2019. I want to sell it at discounted price now. Why I want to sell it? I no longer edit videos myself. I have a team that do it for me and they have different software that they use, so...
  2. J

    Looking for a video editor.

    Hi, I am looking for a video editor for youtube. I want to make ~22 tutorials, ~2min each, and more over the time. I will provide intro, logo needs to be change. I will provide watermark. I will provide raw video tutorial. I need your help in editing, cut mistakes, effects, transitions, etc...
  3. RealHoffman

    How To Get Hired For Video Editor and Graphic Designer

    Hello BHW community. How are you guys. I have question, do you now maybe some tips and tricks for getting clients for video editing and graphic design stuff. I have several years experience in this fields, but today is way harder to find clients than before. I would like to hear guys some tips...
  4. M0805

    (JV) - My Video Editing Service + Your client's

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can find clients for my service. We can split 50/50.
  5. Radvis

    Video editor.

    Looking for a video editor, preferably Jr. VIP with Sales Thread. Waiting for your offers.
  6. Tube Agency

    Looking for experienced video editors (YouTube)

    Hey, I'm looking for some more video editors to join the team. Send me a PM with your rates and portfolio if you think you would be a good fit :) Thanks!
  7. DeymonTheRuthless

    Hey, how are yall doing during these crazy times?

    Glad I chose to become a part of this community. Looks really good aka solid knowledge. Anyway, I'm Deymon a 19 y/o video editor. I'll probably start a journey thread soon as I'm actually already pursuing my dream. Hope everyone is doing alright because a lot is happening. Stay safe & well! -...
  8. infinix69

    [FREE] ACDSee Video Studio (Video Editor + Camtasia Clone) [Until July 29th]

    Hey everyone, figured this might be of interest to BHW users, since many may be recording youtube videos or doing simple video editing. Based on what I've seen, this software is basically a Camtasia clone (with a few less options), and they are offering their Version 3 for FREE lifetime license...
  9. Promise Obi

    Need someone who can create Bar Racing videos

    Hello Am looking for someone that can create Bar Racing Videos like Wawamu stats on YouTube Kindly let me know if u can
  10. vedeus

    Looking for Video Producer

    I'm looking for a video producer for long-term work. I'll need around 2 videos each week. Send me your samples of work in the PM, I'll provide you with more information as well. Thank you
  11. JohnArn

    Video Editor/Creative Director for major studios AMA

    I worked as a video editor and creative marketing director for a few top adult film studios, who I would rather not name. I now work completely freelance in both the mainstream and adult worlds. My experience is in editing/shooting scenes, full feature films, DVD authoring, creative video...
  12. JohnArn

    Hello Everybody

    Been lurking here and using this forum for a couple years. Starting on my second set of tubesites and ready to get involved with the community. I've worked as a video editor for a few major adult film labels over the past two years as well as the creative marketing director for one of them...
  13. M

    I am new here! And Feeling Awesome.

    Hi. guys I am new here. * I am content creator, video editor, digital marketer. * Forums: Instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter, linkedin * Past: Game Developer * Hope to connect more people * Thanks
  14. K

    A Mobile developer

    Hey there, i'm youness from morroco and i'm a game developer and graphic designer and video editor and i'm new in this group, thanks for accepting me.
  15. G

    Best Free Video Editor ?

    What is the absolute best totally free video editor out there ? I'm particularly interested in ones that also feature a some cool effects or transitions you can apply.
  16. V

    Looking for a video editor

    Hi guys. I need a video editor for my youtube channel. Please pm me for me details. Thanks
  17. Sasa Ikodinovic

    Hello, I'm new here and I need some help! :)

    Can anyone tell me when can I start messaging people, how many posts do I need to unlock that feature? And where is it best to post? Thanks! Oh yeah, I am a video editor also, that is my passion and I can edit any type of videos. Can't wait to meet you guys. Cheers
  18. M

    Hello Every One ..i am new to here

    Hello i am new here ..
  19. R

    web based video editor tool

    Good day mates. Can you suggest me a web based tool similar to videotoolbox so I can edit videos online without downloading anything. I edit my videos, download/reupload it in VPS so I can't use camtasia or movie maker on VPS since it can't handle it. thank you for suggestions
  20. Aadarsh

    Need Adult Tube Uploaders

    I have already one worker with same task working need one more so posting it again. Hey, My name Is Aadarsh and I'm looking for some Porn uploaders. You have to upload anywhere from 10-50 Video's daily. Step 1.I will not provide video let me be clear but I will show you how to find it's very...