video editor

  1. G

    Best Free Video Editor ?

    What is the absolute best totally free video editor out there ? I'm particularly interested in ones that also feature a some cool effects or transitions you can apply.
  2. V

    Looking for a video editor

    Hi guys. I need a video editor for my youtube channel. Please pm me for me details. Thanks
  3. Sasa Ikodinovic

    Hello, I'm new here and I need some help! :)

    Can anyone tell me when can I start messaging people, how many posts do I need to unlock that feature? And where is it best to post? Thanks! Oh yeah, I am a video editor also, that is my passion and I can edit any type of videos. Can't wait to meet you guys. Cheers
  4. M

    Hello Every One ..i am new to here

    Hello i am new here ..
  5. R

    web based video editor tool

    Good day mates. Can you suggest me a web based tool similar to videotoolbox so I can edit videos online without downloading anything. I edit my videos, download/reupload it in VPS so I can't use camtasia or movie maker on VPS since it can't handle it. thank you for suggestions
  6. Aadarsh

    Need Adult Tube Uploaders

    I have already one worker with same task working need one more so posting it again. Hey, My name Is Aadarsh and I'm looking for some Porn uploaders. You have to upload anywhere from 10-50 Video's daily. Step 1.I will not provide video let me be clear but I will show you how to find it's very...
  7. Sasa Ikodinovic

    Newbie - Hello everyone

    Hello guys, I'm Sasa Ikodinovic. I'm 20 years old and I found BHW a phew days ago. My friend suggested me this site. I can't wait to meet new people here and to learn something new. I'm am a very experienced video editor and a beginner in graphic design. If you have any tips feel free to...
  8. knielzen19

    Need a video editor/tube uploader/content writer/graphic artist?

    Good day BlackHatWorld! I'm currently looking for work and can offer you these services: -video editing/watermarking -video rendering to different formats and resolutions -video uploading to tube sites -managing tube site channels -creating logos, banners, cover photos, thumbnails etc. -content...
  9. G

    [GET] Learn Video Editing Using Camtasia Studio

    Hi everyone, here is a FREE Link to Learn Video Editing Using Camtasia Studio For Beginners Enroll now for the course before all the spots are filled. :)
  10. T

    Looking for a video editor/maker for a small 15-20 second video

    You are free to use your skills to make this video awesome. We will provide you with the Logo and text for each frame and audio.. Let me know what your turn around time is and rate. Thanks
  11. R

    Intro from RobinFLX

    Hello everyone! My name is Robin. I am glad to joint this community. I am a professional videographer, video editor, photographer, animator (motion graphics and 3D animation) and producer with some (not very deep) experience in web development/design. I am excited about establishing myself in...
  12. Miraculous Atom

    What Video Editing Software Do You Use?

    Hi guys, i want to start journey on Youtube + CPA/PPD, so I just wanna know what video editor u guys are using, and what a noob-friendly video editor do u prefer for me?
  13. A

    Is there anything better than Camtasia 7 to Edit with?

    I've been recording and editing my videos with Camtasia 7 but I'm not happy with it so I'm wondering what else is there that is a good video editor besides Camtasia 7. Free or not, price doesn't matter.
  14. bxuhub

    HELPFUL: Efficient Video Presentation Editing Tool (ProShow Producer)

    Hi there fellow BHW members! I want to share a superb video presentation editing software that I have been using for years. You can personalize all motions from different angles. Tons of magnificent templates can be used too. For those of you who like this software, you can download it through...
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