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Video Editor/Creative Director for major studios AMA

Discussion in 'Video Production' started by JohnArn, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. JohnArn

    JohnArn Newbie

    Dec 6, 2019
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    Video Editor, Film Editor
    I worked as a video editor and creative marketing director for a few top adult film studios, who I would rather not name.
    I now work completely freelance in both the mainstream and adult worlds.
    My experience is in editing/shooting scenes, full feature films, DVD authoring, creative video directing, AD/banner development, and social media content curation.
    I have been on set, filmed, everything. For fun I also do sound design for mainstream work.

    I'm new to BHW, so, feel free to ask me anything as it pertains to equipment, software, workflow, my experiences, creative video direction, video marketing, and best practices.

    I will share what I can as it pertains to my previous employers and shed some light on what is happening in video editing in the industry right now, if it so interests you all.


    2015 iMac Pro. 3.2Ghz intel core 5 32GB Ram
    NVIDIA Geforce GT 755m 1GB (I need an upgrade lol)
    Adobe Premiere 2020
    Internal SSD (mac)
    External SSD (samsung) 500mbps - 4Gbps
    I use FiberOptic 500/500 internet for upload/download

    Shooting Equipment:

    Canon C100 MkII
    Canon C200
    Canon EOS Mark IV

    My Software and expertise:

    Adobe Premiere 2020
    Adobe After Effects 2020
    Adobe Photoshop 2020
    Final Cut Pro X
    Final Cut Pro 7
    Logic 9
    Logic X
    Ableton Live 9
    Ableton Live 10​