video production software

  1. Hustlim

    The best tool for automatic video creation?

    Please, I need to create an always short video (usually about 3 minutes) on YouTube for music that consists of multiple clips. Do you have a recommendation for a good tool that can best self-edit a video from recorded clips? Is there such a thing? Thank you for all tips!
  2. imccafey

    Animation Videos - Which one is your go to tool?

    I was trying out Vyond a couple of days back and I found their options and tools quite intriguing. Are there more tools that offer features of the same capacity?
  3. S

    Any software to generate videos based on music or song ?

    Hi, Is there any software that will auto generate synchronizing video based on music or song ? Looking for either free or one time payable. Thanks, Sristys.
  4. JohnArn

    Video Editor/Creative Director for major studios AMA

    I worked as a video editor and creative marketing director for a few top adult film studios, who I would rather not name. I now work completely freelance in both the mainstream and adult worlds. My experience is in editing/shooting scenes, full feature films, DVD authoring, creative video...
  5. imonboss

    Best Video Creation Software?

    Hey guys, Can anyone please tell me the name of a video creator that will help me create slideshow types video? I have wondershare filmora but i find it a little complicated. I am looking for something thats free.
  6. S

    Software to make Outline sketch and color drawing videos?

    Hi, I have seen some videos where an outline of an image is drawn with hand and colors were applied within the outlines making it as an complete image. Any idea which software to use? I am looking for one time paid or free software/tools. Thanks, Sristys.
  7. acerola

    What software is this guy using?

    Hey everyone! It might look as I'm trying to scammy promote this dudes youtube video, but I assure I'm not. I just want ot know what's the animation software he is using (the one with the writing/drawing hand as the words reveal). It's not the first time I see it around and I won't lie, it...
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