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Help with the next big step.

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by rdmichael234, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. rdmichael234

    rdmichael234 Newbie

    May 4, 2019
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    (I do not have good English, from the Caribbean lol) Hello, I have been a reader for a few years now, but until recently I dedicated to create an account, and today to ask for advice from the many experts that I know are in this group.

    For almost a year I have been dedicated to YouTube full time. This after trying several projects (Affiliate Marketing, Shopify and Youtube) Among other projects that may not take so seriously. And it had some result, since from a very young and learned, tried and practiced.

    In the end I ended up dedicating you to YouTube as I told you, since it adapted to many of my skills and was something that I saw good potential in the long term.

    After a few months making some money I decide to start planning for another next step, Start a digital content producer, and that way also take advantage of the local market, which I am not doing at the moment. But before this I want some advice and help that I know that many can provide for me. After this long introduction, these are my concerns:

    Youtube is about Data, or that is what I have learned in recent years. It's something similar to the Facebook Pixel, for those on Facebook ADS. To be successful on YouTube you have to find a way to keep the algorithm warm, otherwise as good as the video or the tumb, it will be difficult for it to work(RANK AND GET RECOMMEND). (CONTRIBUTION TO THE COMMUNITY)

    There are people who creating a strong brand and solve this problem. For different factors, that I do not want to go tell now, it is not my case. This problem of the algorithm could be solved before simply by buying some views, likes and comments. But as many already know it is not now. I managed to solve it for a while by entering Facebook groups relations with my niche (SORRY BUT I DON'T WANT TO SAY IT, EVEN IT IS WITHEHAT) but after a while they suspended my spam accounts. (THIS IS ONLY NECESSARY WHEN THE ALGORITHM IS TRULY COLD)

    Before opening the office, I want to have a network that guarantees me the foundations of these early views to secure my projects, and clients projects. These are the strategies I have in mind. I would like to be told if they have any others and how much you guys think it could cost (IF POSSIBLE):

    1. Do a Child Instagram Accounts network, with some main accounts, for the promotion of different projects. (MORE RISKFUL FOR ME, BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER TRIED SERIOUSLY)And I don't know if it would work for youtube.

    2. To make a network of facebook accounts, to spam my content in the different groups, as I did before (I DO NOT HAVE IT SO CLEAR HOW TO DO IT SAFELY AND WITHOUT BANNING ME AGAIN) I suppose that for this I would have to buy some accounts truly old, and use residential proxies, and some multilogin. If someone has it clearer, and detailed or a fresh guide post, I will appreciate it.

    3. And the third option is to use google adwards. I have some experience running ads, but I don't see it in long term. And I don't know if it would work.

    Which of the options is most smart? Which is better for a serious and long-term project? Any other idea? (I may end up trying all of them, but I want one to start and specialize)

    Thanks for reading me.

    NOTE: I decided to put it in this section, but I'm not sure I will treat it like a journey. Since I am planning to take the next big step, at least in a few months and with at least $ 100,000 in savings.