Help Needed - Windows VPS Remote Desktop Setup

Jan 20, 2008
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Hey guys,

I just purchased a Windows VPS from Webkeepers. I have never used an interface other than WHM/Cpanel before, so I'm completely lost in what I'm trying to accomplish. What I want to do is connect to the VPS remotely, install a few programs, and let them run on the VPS. There are 2 different logins (Parallels Business Automation Panel and Parallels Plesk Panel). I have been unable to remotely connect to either of them. Can someone tell me what I needs to do?

Thanks a bunch!
Does it come with an OS inbuilt, or is it down to your to install the operating system? If the OS is already installed, have you tried to connect via RDP through using remote desktop policy and the IP address you were issued?
Ive PMed you will be on skype to see whether I could help.
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