remote desktop

  1. D

    RDP for sale

    Hello BHW, I provide RDP of any geo on Windows OS at only $100/month. Contact me at: Telegram: Adword_Google Skype: Adword_Google Refund policy - In case RDP does not connect at your end, full refund.
  2. N

    How to make money with multiple laptops with 4G/LTE unlimited bandwitdth

    We used to have a small office, doing data entry jobs. However the business collapsed due to the pandemic. now i was thinking to use the laptops for other monetization methods. I realized I can get 4g/lte modems for each laptop, and buy a sim card(1 for each laptop) with unlimited bandwidth...
  3. Waynetimi


    Good evening everyone, Please I need to transfer files that are heavy with my RDP. How can I do that . I want to transfer at a speed of light I need suggestions
  4. Sheraz Ali

    [Suggest me] Streaming RDP for Facebook Live

    Hello Guys, I want to purchase cheap and reliable RDP for facebook live streaming, I have take a look at but one of my friend said they give us shared RDP which lags or Buffer the streaming can you please give me honest review of or another best streaming RDP in $15 to $20...
  5. Xpert_IT_Lab

    Need to Install a VPN Software (PureVPN) on My Amzaon AWS.

    I Need to Install a VPN Software (PureVPN) on My Amzaon AWS. I'm facing a problem to use VPN. I can Install but VPN doesn't work properly. I know it's not a very advance level problem but It's too tough for me.. I need to setup in 20 Amazon RDP. I will Pay $10 Per RDP. So you Can Earn easily...
  6. S

    Virtual Desktop Service Needed For Tasks Around The World

    Instead of a VPN, I'm looking to remote desktop into virtual desktops around the world to do certain tasks on them and run different programs. Do you know what to use? Been researching and found Microsoft Azure, but not sure if this is the right service.
  7. blackcommoner

    I have some USA pc. How to monetize them?

    Hello friends, I have 7+ Desktop pc located in Florida with Verizon modem. Those actually owned by my USA partner. I saw peoples take rent this types of pc to post on Craigslist. Can you please share your knowledge and experience about how to monetize them? :) Regards
  8. domyhd

    Any RDP suggestions?

    Hello, I'm looking for a cheap RDP/VPS for live streaming sport matches. This means that i will probably need a bulletproof rdp/vps because of DCMA. Any suggestions? My upload speed is 1mb/s which is so bad. I will need atleast 8mbps upload and 15mbps download on my rdp/vps Thank you.
  9. Vagr

    LF residential static proxy/remote desktop/vpn

    I was going to buy a residential remote desktop from @Debian but it seems like his services are currently inactive. Anyone know of any legitimate providers under 100$ a month?
  10. Debian

    Forget Proxies - Go Full Residential Remote Desktop

    Moderator notice: Upon further review, the deliverables of this sales thread have been deemed inconsistent with what has been advertised. If you have bought and are satisfied with what you received, there is no action to take. On the other hand, those who have not may request a refund. Details...
  11. innofidelity

    Looking for Windows VPS with Remote Desktop

    Hi All, Looking for Windows VPS with Remote Desktop because i want to transfer some files from another server to new server . please share where i can get VPS. Thank you
  12. mrsmirf

    VPN vs Remote Desktop ...which is more secure to login to paypal and online banking?

    Hi, Soon I will be going overseas to Europe and Africa and doing some traveling. During that time I would like to be able to login to my online banking and to also to still use my paypal account. I have read tons of horror stories of people login to their paypal account in a different city...
  13. M

    Help Needed - Windows VPS Remote Desktop Setup

    Hey guys, I just purchased a Windows VPS from Webkeepers. I have never used an interface other than WHM/Cpanel before, so I'm completely lost in what I'm trying to accomplish. What I want to do is connect to the VPS remotely, install a few programs, and let them run on the VPS. There are 2...
  14. M

    [GiveAway] Remote Desktops For Free

    giving away some rdps ( 10 atm ) i will give for free for those who will share things with me ( like xrummer / senukex , money methods etc ) the rdps are 99.9% uptime , good specs with 100mbit / 1gbit internet i will give only to first 10 that can share things as i said.. sry for...
  15. B

    Remote desktop to download warez and torrents

    I am searching a remote desktop to download warez and torrents, Can I get one in usa without having problems for downloading torrents or warez? Which ones do you recommend me (usa or europe based)? Thanks for your help!
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