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    Big thanks to all the good people doing great things in thos forum, I've learnt a lot from these forum, I'm just 17 an IT student in an africa university. Okay lemme go straight to the point.I hope to someday become a web developer, I just completed the course on get web development from scratch that was posted by a very kind BHwer here. But on a small scale I want to start up a website, I'm not really interested in making money I just want to be busy while I'm learn.These website will be basically a directory for freebies, bonus, telecom tarrifs, fb and twitter contest, scholarships and all other awoofs in my country.Here are the stuffs I need directionIs it Really a great stuff to blog about? Or Can you give me a better suggestion, the entertainment niche seems to be overpopulated here and I want to be different.Should I start with a wordpress/blogger first as I don't have money for now, or should I get hostingIf latter which do I need a CMS like joomla as I will be updating it daily.If former please suggest a template that has been posted here than would be best for it.I'm hoping to get contents through news release, rss feeds, google api's, fb/twitter apisPlease suggest others means to do dis and also if you have other great tips that will help please advice me.BLACKHAT world is the best thing that have ever happened to me, with great zeal and passion I start my jouneyI hope to someday help people here as well
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    For your first question about the content for your site, you would know this best as you are immersed in the market.
    You mentioned blogger and wordpress. You could use cloud based software for your website but you lose a lot of control over what content you can put out there as well as design.

    Note that you can do a self-hosted version of Wordpress. You could also do Joomla but I would stick to wordpress if you do a self-hosted version. There are tons of tutorials on wordpress out there so if you get stuck you will be able to find something easily.


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    Stick to wordpress and work on breaking up your writing. Good god that is a wall of text. Instead of a scatter shot approach I'd pick two of those themes to blog about such as scholarships and freebies for students.
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