vlone devil

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Jul 2, 2017
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IF there's anyone who has tried sociblaster doing youtube comment upvotes, please let me know how it's worked! I need to know if it works before I spend $150 on it. please let me know what your experiences are with the bot and if the comment upvotes stick for a long period of time or if they're ghosted after a while.


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Apr 2, 2017
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I think every bot works in a sense that they can all do the same thing maybe some minor differences. The problem isn't the bots, it's the footprints they leave behind. So far (from what I know) there are no bots out there that haven't been detected by YT's new update. They leave behind footprints that YT can use to ban the accounts those bots use within a day or two. Making the whole process frustrating and kind of a losing venture right now unless you have a way to get access to a large amount of accounts for cheap.

And even then, the time wasted constantly fighting the ban waves is pretty demoralizing. It's an uphill battle right now and maybe there will be a way around it, but right now I wouldn't buy any bots or software right now unless they can back up their talk.