comment likes

  1. N

    Instagram comments likes (real accounts, USA)

    Looking to buy likes for an Instagram comment. Likes must come from the USA from real accounts.
  2. I

    Youtube API question

    Can anyone point me out on the procedure of using Youtube API to upvote specific comments? Is it possible to use it withouth OAuth 2.0 and all of that mess? I'm trying to make a Python script with this. If anyone is willing to help me, I might have got an idea how to make something out of it. I...
  3. Lucas Br

    Does anyone know this SMM Panel provider? Need panel for IG Comment Likes which deliver in less than 2 minutes

    Most of SMM Panel providers delivers the service, IG comment likes in like 5-8 minutes, I need a provider that delivers as fast as possible even if it is expensive, I saw some bots with automated comments getting likes very quickly, within 0-2 minutes, and one thing I noticed is that the...
  4. N

    Looking for IG comment likes

    Hi, First off apologies if this is not the right thread (Although i do want to hire someone who can do this) I've already paid for instant-fans and smm-heaven panels, but for whatever reason they do not fulfill an order of increasing comment likes... They simply cancel the order! I've tried...
  5. Unlicensed420

    Looking for instagram comment likes

    Hey guys sorry if this is the wrong forum, didn't know where else it would fit I am looking for any smm panels or services on BHW that sell instagram comment likes Thanks
  6. C

    Url of comment on youtube

    when i copied theurl of my comment on youtube , and i pasted again in other navigator , i do not find my comment...i wanted the url to use to buy likes....any solution for this ?
  7. Degen

    Social exchange site for Youtube comment likes

    Is there a site like addmefast or ytmonster that has a option to use the points earned for youtube comment likes?
  8. vlone devil

    Has SociBlaster actually worked for upvotes for anyone??

    IF there's anyone who has tried sociblaster doing youtube comment upvotes, please let me know how it's worked! I need to know if it works before I spend $150 on it. please let me know what your experiences are with the bot and if the comment upvotes stick for a long period of time or if they're...
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