youtube bot

  1. E

    How is this done?

    I've seen these ALL OVER YouTube for the past year+ It could be done manually, but I'm assuming it's botted. Can anyone sell me a bot like that or the service? I wouldn't use it for scamming like the below example likely is.
  2. Y

    Buying Youtube channel

    I am planning to buy YouTube channel from one of the member. Its monetize with bots. So can i hear you guys experiences how you keep this kind of channel a live and what is the strike rate for these kind on channel? Yes i know that its risky but i need money fast
  3. C

    Where can I get a bot for youtube views?

    I'm looking for a youtube bot that can get me views from the country i want and with good retention. Suggest some please. Thank you.
  4. 2Basa

    How to Bot YouTube Search Views

    Like I said above, I've been looking for ways to bot views I get through search. I haven't seen any SMM panels doing it since the update on YouTube, so I was wondering what the best ways to do it are. If you have any ideas, I would really appreciate your input :)
  5. Email Seller

    YouTube Channel

    Recommend me any quality bot for increasing Youtube Subscribers and views. I want to prepare them for sale with approved absence because I have a lot of Youtube channels from 2006-2014. Thanks to all

    2000$/day blackhat UPDATE- Channel demonetized

    hi everyone, I recently started 2 youtube channels with uploading VIdeos in the finance niche(Make money online). Similar to videos from "Whiteboard Crypto" "Graham Steppan" and "The swedish investor". I talked about the 2000$/day blackhat idea in this discussion...
  7. LadyDiana

    Need a YOUTUBE BOT to Automate ALL YT Tasks

    Hi there !! In need of someone who can develop a Custom Youtube bot for me , Incase if I miss a point, then the developer should have the knowledge to guide me about what else is needed in a bot for it to work in a much better way. The points i have in mind are , I need a Bot which has the...

    Youtube blackhat idea, make 2000$ a day

    hey, I am interested in creating a bot for finance niche in youtube. If I had a PC that can handle 100 tabs at the same time and a bot for youtube. Id use 4g proxies and aged gmails. I could just buy a Monetized youtube channel ( or make it myself) created finance/ dropshipping/google...
  9. mrBH000

    [Script] Spamming Bot Comment in YT video

    Hello Fellows, How they post these spam comments? And these links are works fine. Which script they use to post these comments?
  10. G

    WTB a youtube bot, that youtube can't detect (with high authenticity real human accounts)

    Looking for someone who can make a bot that can take control of 50-100+ proxy YouTube accounts so that when I upload a video on YouTube this happens: And it must be very well made, because I manually tried to engage with bought aged youtube accounts, each with their own proxy, and still...
  11. thelonewold3005

    Journey to 300$ per day on OGAds In 2022

    Introduction Hi Cris Here, I am 24 years old and need to start making money ASAP. I have all day to test and I can program any tool to help me promote on YouTube. A picture of my setup: GOAL: the target is 250$ every single day. I know it can be done with...
  12. Q

    You need to increase your YouTube live streaming keyword ranking

    We need a program that can hold viewers for a long time. If you use that program, I think the keyword ranking should also increase. I'm looking for a reliable friend to help with this. I don't build bots. There are already 3 cases where many foreigners told me they were making bots and got...
  13. X

    I have a question for the YouTube viewbot expert.

    Expert please help me dm me please. We will pay a small amount of compensation to those who can solve the problem.
  14. Saif14

    youtube views bot

    hi everyone I want to know about the youtube views bot should I buy a costume one? how many accounts should I have? what types of proxies should I use? what should I do after the youtube update algorithm?
  15. P

    Youtube View Bot

    Can Anybody Make (Or Knows Of) A Youtube View Bot Maybe One That Can Do More But Just Views Are Fine ....
  16. Kimble

    NEED: YouTube Live Stream View Bot that can consistently garner 20k viewers with no drop off.

    I have tried most of the panel services and they are all super spotty and unreliable. I need views to stay at 20k without any wild fluctuations. I need something that works asap. Do not waste my time trying to sell me on a panel I already have access to.
  17. D

    YouTube Upload Bot

    Hi, i need someone to make me a bot that posts a video from a folder ever 2 hours every day, (example: i want the bot to upload five videos, I'll set on settings to post at 10 12 14 16 18 every day...) Bot can't use YouTube API Bot needs to get title and description from file
  18. we1

    Automation Bots | weMailCreator | weTube | weBrowser | weLive | weTikDownloader | weSeo | and more!

    Payment Methods : PayPal, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, Cyrpto, Stripe, Wise, Payooner Whatsapp : Skype & Mail : [email protected] Telegram : we1town Web Site : You can review our other products on our website. We offer hundreds of products! Return...
  19. hazzi

    YouTube livestream view bot

    I’m looking for someone to build a YouTube livestream view bot that can handle 1k - 5k concurrent views
  20. hongnguyen

    YouTube Bot - Increase Views - Comments - Likes - Subscribers for YouTube Videos

    Main features of QniTubeAction Increase YouTube Views: Increase views by loading direct links after watching random video from Home-Page Increase views by Search and find your videos to watch. This will increase your video ranking too Increase views by Playlists Increase Browser Feature Views...
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