youtube marketing

  1. K

    One Powerful Action That'll Get You Thousands Of Subscribers On Youtube

    Your Youtube channel could grow into a well paid enterprise if you manage it properly. The way to make your channel a clash flow machine by getting tons of views and tons of subscribers as well. The number of your Youtube video view and channel subscribers could determine how much you make from...
  2. H

    How to Monetize YT Shorts Traffic

    Hey, I started a new YouTube channel 90 days ago and it's generated 388K views and 500 subs in that time, mainly from YouTube shorts. I can replicate this kind of traffic all day long like clock work. This channel is more my personal one for promoting my music. I am considering creating a new...
  3. H

    How to make money by publishing freestyle rap compilations on Youtube?

    Me and my friend are really passionate about freestyle rapping. So, we want to create freestyle rap compilations and other related stuff to youtube. Probably gonna launch a website around this niche. Because these original videos are created by others, there is no possibility to use Youtube...
  4. K

    3 Youtube Tools That Could Ease Your Workload And Grow Your Account

    There are a few youtube tools that can help you grow your youtube account by easing the workload for you. Below are three such tools. 1. TubeAssistPro TubeAssistPro is a multi-account service tool for youtube. It is solely focused on managing your youtube account. Which they achieve by liking...
  5. ppdash

    Anyone doing youtube ads..How is the cost for usa audience?

    is it worth it to do affliate service marketing? i searched google and it says the avg. CPM is $0.010 – $0.030..
  6. netcontentbiz

    YouTube Marketing Strategies

    What are some effective strategies to grow a YouTube channel fast?
  7. 4

    YouTube Growth Expert - No Bots and NO SMM Panel!

    Looking for someone who knows YouTube, how to rank, and how to get organic real views. Not looking for bot views or SMM panels. Do not contact me about that. Someone who has built, and use the right tags, keywords, and hashtags. I started my own channel 5 days ago. I just posted the right...
  8. T


    Hello everyone, I have two youtube channels in the field of online casino that generate me 600€ / month. I wanted to know how to estimate the resale of youtube channels? Both have more than 500 subscribers but not yet monetized. ps : it's full automation channel
  9. H

    I need a Youtube Expert to help me get more REAL views /get in the suggestion tab!!

    Hello, I am completely new to this forum. I have been trying to grow a youtube channel for almost three years now, but I still am not seeing any real improvement.. (I know three years is a long long time) I was looking through google once again for any tips of some sort to grow my channel...
  10. ARoNNN

    YouTube marketing and making $$$

    Hey bhw members i am new on this forum but i am into social media marketing from years starting from Facebook Instagram I am now upto YouTube. Do u people have suggestions regarding it? 1)Is it worth to learn YouTube growth with bots like jarvee I am planning to learn it as giving service of...
  11. MrWhite2018

    Let's discuss keyword researching for YouTube - Here are the biggest issues I face which make it near on impossible!

    1. Find some keywords for niches 2. Check their stats on VIDIQ: Searches / Competition 3. Compare the stats found with the top results on YouTube: How many subs/views/etc 4. Check how many GOOGLE searches the keywords get to get an idea as to how popular the topic is 5. Go over to Google...
  12. (MasteR)

    Youtube Fastest Views

    So lately, I've studied on Youtube and understand it's algo and marketing statics I've figured out a way to inflate Youtube view which every big Youtubers & Music industries are doing But it cost me a lot to get at this point (So my question is) Should i start my own SMM service? Or stick with...
  13. addictedtolearning

    What's everyone's opinion on buying views?

    I saw a channel that's 3 months old with just over 100,000 subs. I scrolled back through their videos and here's their view count in order on the first 6 videos: 3,100, 990, 1,500,000, 1,000,000, 828, 300,000 and then they just stay in the 6 figure range with some hitting over a million...they...
  14. A

    I need a Youtube Expert to get 1 million REAL views /get in the suggestion tab

    Hello, im looking for a youtube expert who cant get -aroud 1 million REAL, Natural Views on my video + Real engagement to get in the search results and more important in the youtube suggestion tab IMPORTANT: Please dont waste my/your time. I Need 100% REAL youtube views with engagement. Im not...
  15. Hamza Hashim

    Do you know why content is king?

    Proved: Content is Everything... I know everyone must have heard this Content is King. Right!. I didn't know before that why content is said to be king. But since my interest came into digital marketing, I realized that content is not only the king but it is everything. If we talk about to be...
  16. Stiletto

    Jarvee YouTube PRO - the bot to automate your YouTube marketing

  17. Jalenworldwide

    YouTube / Jarvee questions

    Hey BHW ! I'm currently in the free trial of Jarvee and I'm interested in using its YouTube module. Curious question, how are you using Jarvee to grow your YouTube channel? I am qualified for monitization so I'm looking to grow my channel without getting any community strikes. I'm a recording...
  18. Oudman

    Youtube Videos Monetization

    Hey guys, Is there an expert in Youtube here? The question is, is there a way to just download a video from any channel and start monetizing it? I am talking about videos from the so-called public domain. Where I come from there are tons of classical tv shows that were uploaded by Youtubers...
  19. Bagmee

    Creating, Optimizing & Promoting VIDEO CONTENT

    Create YouTube Channel Create an account Setup YouTube Brand Account Use a business or other name Edit layout Customize YouTube channel for subscribed and unsubscribed visitors Create a channel template for unsubscribed visitors Turn on channel customization Customize the layout...
  20. dt2017

    Rank your local youtube videos to #1 spot

    Hi there, My Name is Dickson Ton and we would like to increase the Revenue of your business by ranking videos of your company on the first page of google and outrank your competition. This will get you lots of traffic and the best thing is it's FREE TRAFFIC because once the videos are ranked...
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