Googles new website ranking dance


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Jul 2, 2018
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I'm sure we have all been victims of Google's chaos when we launch a new website and the rankings are great non existent, bad and then they settle !

Has anyone made any sense of this? A launched a new site this week again and within 2 days some great rankings without links, and then some new ok ones and the rest have fallen off the radar. I'm sure things will change again, but is there any pattern here? When will this settle and I can start to properly map my rankings?
I was getting 4-5 organic traffic a day and then all of a sudden, it became 0 for a few days.

And then it came back to 4-5.

I believe it’s the sandbox effect?
Daft isn't it, and ow you say it I think your right, it's called the sand box effect. But is there any pattern?
Google's chaos
There could be a number of reasons, they do not want SEO to know how they rank (so they introduce swings on purpose), they are testing or gathering data, they have filters operating under various timeframes, etc. So you'd better get used to it, as this is how google operates these days.
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It is hard to tell when the google dance stops but it is definitely normal.. just stick to doing your optimization correctly without spamming etc... search engine is just trying to find the proper spot for your site based on the criteria they use that's all
The SERPs are just an A/B test for Google. The dance never stops.
The SERPs are just an A/B test for Google. The dance never stops.

Yeah I'd probably say this is the most likely scenario
The website will dance for the next 3-6 month before it settles in for search results,no worry, just build a couple of good links per week to begin with and keep adding 1-2 good articles per week above 1000 words each and every week around the subject in the blog if you have one .. Nothing strange at all .. Good luck with your new website .. =)
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