Google update again?!

Great news Avinesh, thank you for your constructive input to this thread.

In other news - seems that google is now using "neural matching" to better connect words to concepts

Maybe it's finally time to walk away from "SEO" and start Adwords or business that does not rely on organic traffic because it seems that this will only get worse for us with time.
That explains the last couple of days weird behaviour in SERP.

Two days ago one "Best xxxxx"-keyword got its whole first page wiped out. Sites from second and third page got in 1-10 positions and the previous first page sites were nowhere to be seen.

Today one of the previous first page sites is back on #1 though. The rest is just 100 word pages with spammy links and dated material. One site even have those old gif's that are moving in the sidebar :D
I can't believe this is happening, I was so close to the first page.
Our main keyword remains out the top 100 while it was in the third page for long time (some times the second too). Other keywords I started ranking appeared but they don't seem to pass after the third page. On Site optimization is pretty good. Title, description, keywords use, alt attributes, outbound link to a Forbes article talking about the website, etc.
I dont understand what happened.
I guess it is no more a skill game and more like a luck game. Almost every webmaster I have been speaking to seems affected. If we are all losing, who is winning? Big brands and Insiders I guess.
I guess it is no more a skill game and more like a luck game. Almost every webmaster I have been speaking to seems affected. If we are all losing, who is winning? Big brands and Insiders I guess.

My rankings are moving up everyday :).. I'm even ranking for keywords I don't intend to rank... 90% of my links are all naked URL
Same here, tanking worse by the day. An unpleasant surprise every morning. More and more keywords are disappearing from top 10.
This site doesn’t have an SSL certificate.

3 of my other sites that do have an SSL certificate haven’t been affected by the updates much.

Strategy is pretty much the same accross all sites other than the one that tanked being http and not https.

Anyone notice something similar?
I don't see any correlation between sites hit by this series of updates and https or not. Doesn't mean you are wrong, I could imagine SSL, which is some sort of trust signal, tipping the scale in borderline cases.
SSL cannot be the reason for such a drastic drop. It is a minor ranking signal, I'm sure of that. Don't nit-pick or you will go insane.

If SSL was really a problem then you would experience a sudden drop when algo was updated to give ssl more weight, but then rankings would normalize. But the drops happen every day gradually for weeks now, so I'm pretty sure it's not SSL (at least not a major thing).
It has to do with re-evaluating websites and their intent. If it is a general blog where you also publish "fashion", "beauty", "lifestyle" topics then you will not be able to rank for "serious" health related keywords. I think that's the thing here.
Authorship and EAT of an author is just snake oil. Authority of a site is determined from backlinks it receives.

Here's an example I've seen in my case.
Keywords related to blood pressure.
I've ranked high for many of the keywords, but I have a general health blog (I cover many aspects of health, but also aspects of lifestyle, beauty etc). Now my site is overtaken by private clinics and high authority website such as healthline for specific keywords related to blood pressure. It seems that google looked at my site and established that I am a blog, not a "serious" website, therefore I cannot rank for YMYL keywords, while some clinics and high authority websites can because they provide more value to the search string "blood pressure". Think about it - i have a high blood pressure and I look it up on google. I might as well land on a clinic site that offers "lower your blood pressure" programs but also offer information on high blood pressure instead of landing on a general blog from where I need to click further to some clinic to being my treatment...
That pushed me down the serps severely. On top of that, sites with good links also overtake me as they have less relevancy, but better links, so I'm sure it was an update on links too.
I will not talk about sites sitting on page10 as they're obviously some black-hatted websites and are there because of google serp exploits (otherwise I see no reason why they would over-rank my site). So this is what happened probably.
We will see in time if this move is good and I'm sure google measures carefully the bounce rate and time-on-site parameters for newly established rank1-10 websites to see if it improved. Not that all that matters is bounce rate and time-on-site, but its a good indicator.
My site been gaining rankings since 3 days now,

Like BIG rankings, a lot of position 0s,

Jumped 3x in traffic.
Mtj85, that’s some solid advice, thanks a lot. However, although it makes a lot of sense, here’s the thing. Sites that are outranking me are new sites with mostly no link profiles and sites that appear to be either hacked or contain some sort of malware. 3-4 out of the top 10 search results are mind boggling.

My bounce rate on most of the big terms I lost was about 30%. I held my top 10 rankings for about a year.

very frustrating...
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