Google Ranking's Utterly Confused!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by helpwithhabit, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Hey there guys pretty new to this site and I must say I've learnt so much so spending hours n hours reading thread after thread but moving on:

    I created a heroin addiction/recovery blog as in my past I suffered from this addiction but am now well into my recovery and staying clean so one day I thought I'd like to spread the word about the lifestyle of some one who is addicted rather then the tons of government scaremonging tactics used left right and center when it comes to addiction sites.

    My question is for the keyword heroin my picture is ranking around 100 in google images but no where to be seen on content search.

    The same goes for ton of other related keywords I'm showing up all over the world on google for images but no where in normal search can any one shed some light as to why this is.

    I'm no expect when it comes to SEO but in the past I've made sites and ranked for various related keywords so much easier this time my site just dosn't seem to want to show up in google pleaseeeeeeee someone offer me some help and advice.

    Many Thanks Jordan
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    It's a bit difficult to give advice without any real details.

    What do you currently do for on site seo? Do you use all the standard stuff?... TITLE TAG, META DESCRIPTION, META KEYWORDS, H1, H2, H3, KEYWORD IN CONTENT, KEYWORD IN IMAGE ALT TAGS, backlinks, etc...

    Have you used a tool like market samurai to check your site's rank?