Google Adwords: Cheap Traffic?

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    PPC has been known to be a lucrative method to generating traffic and making a profit online. However, Google Adwords has also cost a lot; in terms of money and loss, to many marketers who either lack the skill in PPC or the money necessary to invest.

    Google Adwords would typically want advertisers to spend every dime on them, but by going this route you won?t generate much profit and will probably end up in more loss than gain. The reality is that there is a better way to get Google Adwords traffic.

    #1- NICHES
    The idea of saturation is essential to picking out the right market, and typically if a market is saturated the chances for profit and success are slim. By going into smaller niche markets that aren?t saturated with competition the chances for success are much greater. A mathematical example could be that if an advertiser aims for a smaller niche with dramatically less competition the clicks could easily fall into the range of 300-500 for under $0.10 a click. The reason for this again is that not a lot of people are going into these markets and so its easier to get the cheaper traffic and the tons of money.

    The Content Network is an underrated traffic stream. The reason is that most people don?t know about it, and so its smarter to focus upon the Content Network when it comes to getting traffic from Adwords. However, the Content Network is not a magic stick and there have been many bad experiences by people who have gotten thousands of bad visitors from it and have never made a profit. The reality about the Content Network is that an advertiser should have the right approach, and with this approach the generation of profit and good cheap traffic is far beyond possible.

    Overall, the Content Network is a better source for traffic because most advertisers are scared to advertise on it and so there?s a lot less competition. Another thing is that the quality of traffic is a lot better.

    So, the possibility for cheap AND quality traffic from Adwords is there, it just takes changing your methodology and working smarter.
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    Ummm the the quality of traffic on the content network is definitely not better than search. Much less targeted. Sure it's cheaper, but if we're talking about how targeted it is there's no comparison.