GMB Stuck in Pending after Phone Verification


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Jan 22, 2014
Hey Guys,
I managed to verify my GMB by phone. However the listing is stuck in pending forever and after several hours gets suspended..
Does anyone know why this is and what i can do to prevent this from happening?
Is the address a virtual address or have any other businesses with verified GMB at same address?
Issue fixed, does anyone know how to change the phone number without suspension?
Just a little tip, anytime you change any core GMB info, revise the operating hours right after. G seems to push those updates through faster and bypass the need for re-verification.
It used to work.. however i dont think changing the hours helps anymore. Maybe its because of the category.
Garage doors and locksmith get suspended right away after phone verification.. but if i do manage to verify a business chaning the phone number auto suspends.. should i wait a day or change straight away?
I would wait at least 1 week before changing any core information once verified.

You're probably right, those categories are known to be more tricky.
@GMB Experts hi, could you share some insights?
Phone verification works, however garage doors and locksmiths get suspended right away. Also changing core info suspends the listing
Issue fixed, does anyone know how to change the phone number without suspension?
Change it and then get in contact with support to remove the suspension, it will take about 24 hours, Ive done it in the past and thats the easiest work arround
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