gmb verification

  1. Hayden Russell

    Local Lead Generation Physical Address?

    I really like the idea of local lead gen as it takes away the hardest part of getting clients... convincing them that you are legit and can deliver leads. However, I do have a question: How do y'all rank a local site without a physical address? Citations seem to be a very important ranking...
  2. greenbackboogie

    Looking For A GMB Verification

    Hey, I'm looking for a GMB verification 3 Locations in the united states Thanks.
  3. ethan tole

    Gmb listings

    Hi. I'm looking for someone who's doing gmb listings verification and Seo at the moment
  4. KlaudiaK

    WTB - GMB's for Rank & Rent

    I am looking for bulk verification. I need 20 to 30 GMB a month MINIMUM. I am currently paying $75 per a listing, so I am only interested in offers, that can beat my current supplier. I will do escrow and will release payment on completion. Please, no time wasters.
  5. S

    GMB Help for adding multiple locations

    I own a company with a brick and mortar building that is GMB verified, I own 5 rental properties (homes) in the city and would like to use those as new locations, get all GMB verified, optimize them and start bringing in more business. I have also gotten 5 dedicated phone lines for each office...
  6. Hello Fello

    Rank and rent

    Hi all! I have a few queries related to rank and rent as I am just starting with this. As well all know that GMB gets 90% of the calls and it's REQUIRED for sure. But what if I wanna target US business but I don't have any relative there? How will I be able to verify my GMB? Though I'll...
  7. Nirmal

    GMB Verification without Postcard

    Hi, I am looking for someone to provide a GMB verification service without Postcard. Location: Australia Need 10x locations. Kind regards
  8. S

    How come all of the Google Trusted Verifiers are from the far east?

    How come all the google trusted verifiers that can instantly verify your gmb be from the far east? I highly doubt that the trusted verifier program is closed, so how come they rule that space? Has anyone had any success with the google trusted verifier program? As far as i can tell they dont...
  9. Anurudh

    Need Address in London for GMB Verification

    If you are based in London - I am willing to pay $40 for GMB verification, your address will be hidden. You will receive Google Postcard with verification code, you send me code and I will transfer money in your PayPal. If interested PM me
  10. S

    GMB Stuck in Pending after Phone Verification

    Hey Guys, I managed to verify my GMB by phone. However the listing is stuck in pending forever and after several hours gets suspended.. Does anyone know why this is and what i can do to prevent this from happening? Thanks!
  11. S

    Google verifier program

    Hey guys, Has anyone heard of the google verifier program? Does anyone know how to be accepted?
  12. S

    Whic GMB categories are considered "not spam" or safe

    Hi, which gmb categories are considered safe and not spammy? There the obvious spam ones but which are considered not in a spammy field
  13. OmegaRank


    Hello guys, this is one of the very first posts here. But i wanna quickly give you a working startegy which i hv used to build out a lead gen empire!(not to brag, but someone somewhere can learn a thing or two which can transform their lives) BTW, this strategy is related to local seo, that is...
  14. J

    Link Building | GMB Verification

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right sub-forum so please advise if I err. I read through quite a few threads and get a feel for how things are working in BHW. 1. I can't figure out what is the best way to find service providers who specialize in a area? One of the services I would...
  15. H

    Google Listing/Working Method for Verified Listings

    Yes I have a way to get listings out however my question is this, what niche is not overly spammed to bad to actually put listings out for myself... I do listings for alot of people and want to start doing leads for myself ...
  16. Array Experts

    Google My Business Lisiting Verification WITHOUT Postcard

    No Fancy Graphic I Don't Wanna Waste Your Time I am offering Google My Business creation and verification without a postcard for local businesses that for whatever reason cannot create and/or verify their business Little Overview For those who are not familiar with GMB Listing it is a...
  17. Thatchman

    [JV] My BH Technique - Your Clients or Leads - Let's Make Bank

    I have a fairly unique service that I provide for some of my clients maybe you would like to offer it to some of yours: GMB verification without a postcard. Q - What's special about this? A - Well for starters ALL new GMB listings have to be verified by postcard - I can bypass that. Q - Why...