phone verfication

  1. S is asking for phone numbers

    I have several accounts which are about 4-5 years old. They dont have any phone numbers linked. They used to login fine after filling in the captcha. All of a sudden I am noticing that they are asking for phone numbers , what should I do? Is it me or everyone else is facing the same of...
  2. flashsites

    Twitter Phone Verification

    I've got a need to make a few Twitter accounts using emails I already have. I've tried 3 sites and can't find one that works with Twitter. Anyone know where I can PVA a twitter account these days? I might try to use my own number but it's 10 accounts :/
  3. Munni

    Need cheap SMS phone verification service

    Looking for sms phone verification in cheap for verifying POF (Plenty of Fish). We are used to use sms-active but recently they are increasing Price day by day. Can any one please help me out by sharing some service who can provide sms phone verification service in cheap? Thanks in advance.
  4. flashsites

    Private SMS Providers for (Fetlife and Telegram) ?

    Hi are there any private SMS Ver providers who can offer cheap sms ver for Fetlife and Telegram?
  5. flashsites

    Mail RU restorer

    Hi is there a bot to restore Mail.rus? I have thousands that get hit with the captcha. I cant use them until the captcha is solved. Is it worth it?
  6. MehtaM

    Which service is the best for phone verification?

    Cheap and reliable phone verification service? For Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram?
  7. Q

    PVA service

    Looking for a service for receiving SMS (PVA). For verification by SMS, my accounts. Only USA real numbers! minimum from 50 numbers per day! Write your contacts in PM, we will discuss.
  8. S

    Best Non Voip Number

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for the best non voip UK no. for call verification. Can anyone suggest me a good seller
  9. R

    Automated PV with real phones

    Hey BHW, is it possible to forward a Verification Code that you get to a real sim card (within a real phone) to a database so you can then forward these codes to Jarvee or any other bot? I know that i could just use any sms service but as i have access to my own sim cards i think using them is...
  10. S

    GMB Stuck in Pending after Phone Verification

    Hey Guys, I managed to verify my GMB by phone. However the listing is stuck in pending forever and after several hours gets suspended.. Does anyone know why this is and what i can do to prevent this from happening? Thanks!
  11. Junior Albeiro

    Need phone number for Instagram verification

    I need phone numbers, from USA to verify instagram accounts, could someone help me?
  12. ThatBritishGuy

    Sim card vs PVA service?

    I am currently using smspva and dealing with a barrage of pva's within the last few days or so. Not sure if this is in part to instagram kinda freaking out recently or if its a proxy problem or something on my end. Either way I was hoping to get a few opinions in from people who are on both...
  13. freemann58

    Big List of Free & Paid SMS Verification Services

    Hey! I want to share a list of all websites that offer free or paid SMS verifications. I think this can be helpful for some of you because there are websites that are a lot cheaper than well known websites. I tried the most services by myself. A lot of them are in russian but with google...
  14. major_killer

    [Urgent Help Needed] Fiverr Old Phone Number Problem

    Hi, I don't if it is right section to ask about my problem.... I need urgent help... I Need to change my Fiverr phone number but I forgot my old phone number... i used for phone verification ... but when i check history on smspva site .... there is no record available .... can...
  15. N

    Can you still make Facebook accounts?

    I'm trying to make a Facebook account but every time I get past the email and phone verification it asks me to upload an image. I've tried multiple pictures, with various edits but I always get rejected. Has anyone been able to make Facebook accounts recently?
  16. Andrewbar

    Instagram Phone Verification

    Hey, I'm doing cpa with ogads and Instagram. Most of my accounts have stopped because they need phone verification. Which paid service do you guys recommend to do it?
  17. D

    BOT + PROXY + PV

    Hello. I want to jump into growing and making money on IG accounts but first I'd like to know some good combination of bot, proxy and pv method. So far I used Jarvee with BlazingProxies american proxy and verifying by real polish SIM cards. However the problem is that I constantly get phone...
  18. C

    Phone Verification: Where do I get a huge amount of cell phone numbers?

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a way to verify many accounts via mobile phone numbers. Is there perhaps a service where you can "rent" a mobile phone number (preferably a German number) for the short verification and read out the verification code through an API? Thanks for your help :)
  19. TheGump

    Is there a way to get cheap sms texts to create online acounts

    Hey guys just curious to see if anyone knows of any good virtual SMS sites that will allow me to make multiple accounts that require phone number verification at the current moment I am trying to create multiple discord and WhatsApp accounts but it seems to be limiting me to only one number per...
  20. saaqib

    instagram PVA accounts verification help

    Hi, I recently bought some instagram pva accounts from a seller here.. im using buyproxies dedicated proxies few days later it asked me to phone verify the accounts.. i then used smspva to verify them..and it worked.. but few days later it is asking me to phone verify the accounts again any...