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Aug 14, 2010
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Hello BHW Guys,

Well, i will not start as all people do "I Got a lot of information from BHW and i made a lot of cash using the information from here, so it's time to give something back for this website" becouse, i haven't made anything yet, but i allready got a lot of information from this forum, a lot, really, but i am still struggling with SEO, and that's the number one for making cash through websites and so on, but it's not why i've created this thread.

So, let's go back to topic, i am giving away free 2,500 directory submissions.
NO POST resitrictions or something, here is the website where u can get 2,500 directory submissions for FREE.


Sorry if this was shared. Thanks are allways appreciated ;)!
It was shared way back by Erricson.And moreover,its not directory submission,it just pings your website to get Indexed and you eventually get 4-5 whois in the process.Thanks given to keep your will of sharing alive.

Ahhh, i thought it's directory submissions, are their threads still alive or no? Well if it was shared than mod can delete this thread.

Such a fail :S
I have All-in-One Submission software. It just sits there, I don't have much use for it often, but it's good to index stuff fast. Would anyone be interested if I started offering submissions through it here? for free?
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