1. Dexter Kohli

    Guest Postings for a Digital Marketing Agency?

    Hey! I was wondering what could some good sites be for guest postings for a Marketing Agency? I mean websites related to that would be providing services of its own. Therefore, they won't provide a backlink to their competitor.
  2. Dexter Kohli

    PDF Submissions, Any Good?

    Hey! We do PDF, PPT Submissions for SEO. However, do they help in SEO? I mean are search engines like Google able to read the material in those PPT or PDF? I am talking about documents on websites like Slideshare.
  3. B

    Low submission rate on my scraped targets?

    I use Scrapebox with footprints, keyword list, semi dedicated proxies etc. I usually let it run for 24hours and get a huge list of sites I scrape for: Web2.0 Wiki Article Bookmark However, when I move on for submission in Licorne AIO I have a ridiculous low submission success rate? Any advice...
  4. V

    [GET] Free 2,500 Directory Submissions for Free!

    Hello BHW Guys, Well, i will not start as all people do "I Got a lot of information from BHW and i made a lot of cash using the information from here, so it's time to give something back for this website" becouse, i haven't made anything yet, but i allready got a lot of information from this...
  5. R

    Is it important to spin the RSS Title and Description ?

    All is in the title : Is it important to spin your RSS Title and Description ? I wanted to use Scrapebox for RSS creation and submission but it hasn't the spinning feature. - And if you answer is "yes it is important", what RSS tools (free or paid) could I use to create/generate RSS...
  6. M

    Can I Post In Spanish To Blogs, Art.Directories etc

  7. Z

    Can anyone help me with creating a list of submission directories?

    What are some good directories to submit my site to, either free or paid?
  8. U

    Into RSS?

    Hi guys, I love RSS, plain and simple. I like what it does, but I wondered what you could do with it when thinking "outside the box". My questions for you all are these- "What would you like to do with RSS that could be done better than it is right now?" "What would you like to do with...
  9. ankur420420

    Manual Directory Submissions to PR0 -PR8 Directories-Quality & Fast Results

    Hi all fellow BHW members, I have been on BHW since few days and I have read about the Manual Directory Submissions that some members provide. I am well versed in SEO Services and I am dedicated to offer my services to my fellow BHW members. I assure you that I will provide a high quality...
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