1. devinda

    I have 282,130 User Visit entertainment web site?

    I have 256,834 User Visit entertainment web site site Created on 2015 Search engine summary view Google 276,130 yandex.com 906 Yahoo and bing 250 So i m using ads monetag .com but dally earn $13 - $ 20 so I am thinking of selling site OR is there any other way to make more money from it?
  2. G

    [2023] YouTube Blackhat Ranking Technique

    Hello everyone, Thought about writing a guide on how I still rank some videos on YouTube using BlackHat methods only. Link to the PDF: Virustotal:
  3. ophereprovidereviews

    is it possible to rank without any backlinks?

    Hi, Digital service selling niche. without any backlinks will it rank? can my competitor take down my domain and website [no backlinks] ?
  4. tubeboost

    NetAutom - YouTube automation software for video ranking and promotion, likes, views, comments, browser fingerprint customization, multi...

    Introduction: NetAutom - automation software tool for YouTube and other sites that supports account management, video ranking and promotion, improving video recommendations, likes, high retention views, custom comments & replies, browser fingerprint customization, multithreading, VPN and proxy...
  5. S


    Hello, I have a question, how do I appear in more than one keyword in one field? I see sites with 50 articles, and they appear in more than 1,000 keywords according to ahrefs, and I have 40 articles, and I appear in only 20 words.
  6. madmax10

    [IMDB SERVICES] Looking for someone who can bring votes, scores, and traffic, but most importantly someone who can increase STARMETER

    There's some SMM Panels, but cant risk shady incoming traffic because if repercusions
  7. malikmajmudar

    Looking for backlink and seo ranking service for a adult niche porn tube newly started

    Hello, i recently have launched a niche based full length porn movie site. I am looking for someone good at backlinks and seo optimization to rank my tube 1st in search result for that certain category. If anyone interested please pm me asap to discuss business thanks
  8. qwertzui11

    Random content section for SEO, to keepeing it "fresh"

    I have an ecommerce site, that has some ranking product-category pages them are hardly ever refreshes. How can I keep it "fresh" and updated in the eyes of google? There is no new product in the category, and never will be. Just imagine some iphone 8 cases, in a category. There wont be new...
  9. Veil123

    Use Google’s Algorithms to Your Advantage - Optimize and Rank New Websites Like a Pro – Noob Friendly! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Use Google’s Algorithms to Your Advantage - Optimize and Rank New Websites Like a Pro – Noob Friendly! A Step-by-Step Guide from a Genuine Case Study - Achieve Results That Matter! Hey, BHW! I’m going to keep this short and to the point. While I could create a “sales pitch,” I won’t. I will...
  10. F

    Google dance or penalty ?

    I try rank parasite it landed 30 postition after 5 backlinks indexed i notice that ranking goes 20 after this disapered from ranking then coming back second page then disappear . what shall i do wait or remove backlinks or build more links?
  11. strafe_

    I need a specialist to rank my SMM Panel in google

    Hi there, I am looking for a person who is specialized in SMM Panels. I have created a panel recently and it has everything necessary to be interesting to the client; very low prices, services without drops tested by my team for the last 2 years, LIVE support 24/7, etc. The only thing I would...
  12. webis

    How can it be possible that this page to be on the first page?

    I see a lot of these pages on SERP but why do they rank well? No h1 tag or other headings. There is an image on the title. The page is a subdomain. No text. Only images of text. No alt attribute for images. DA zero. There are no backlinks. No favicon. Affiliate links are redirected with their...
  13. R

    Made many quality links but site not moving.

    I kept posting high quality links for my site. But still after 3 months sites not moving anywhere. Jumping from page 2 to page 3 that's it. What to do?
  14. F

    How Long For Backlinks To Affect on ranking Parasite?

    How Long For Backlinks To Affect on ranking Parasite?
  15. seomaggic


    [ Offering 1 free review copy ] Rank your fiverr gig top page on fiverr to increase your daily sales easily, It takes 1 month of time to rank, Do not PM me just post here I'll choose !! Thanks Edited by Staff: This review copy is for the review/approval of the OP. Staff will observe the...
  16. P

    Traffic increasing again after link update

    So, my traffic dropped $40% after september core update. I was around $1500/m and dropped to 800-900. Reasons might be related to not building links- didn't build for over a year. And publishing paid posts. Paid posts were small in numbers compared to actual quality post but still. 90% of my...
  17. psychoomantis

    Ranking cover songs on Spotify

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good social media pannel ? with some good Spotify services I tried to test some to help rank my music on Spotify I've reached 11+ million streams on some albums ( 15k counted from 11 m streams) but without any rank progress Thanx
  18. N

    Ranking Site for Uncompetitive Keyword (256 results) Guaranteed Page 1 Google

    Looking for someone who can help rank a web 1.0/personal blog site for a pretty uncompetitive keyword. This keyword(s) only has 256 hits on google, and should be quite easy to rank. I am looking for someone who can guarantee page 1/ideally slot 1 google ranking with high quality seo/backlinks...
  19. Hassan Amin

    Spelling errors in the article

    Hello, I contacted a seo expert and told him that my site does not bring traffic, so he told me that because of spelling errors, Google does not give me your ranking, how do I amend it in your opinion
  20. razharov

    [GUIDE] How I rank top1-3 with high difficulty keywords with brand NEW domains.

    Hey everyone! This is a small and simple guide on how I get huge amount of traffic, and rank at the "top of the results" . The top of the results is kinda clickbait, because this method does not put you into the SERP instead into the snippets page. There are only a few niches that support...
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