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    What I am doing is setting up 10 accounts on 10 private proxies. I only want 10 accounts max. Most people seem to want lots of friends to sell things to. That's not my aim. I want to sell things on groups with posts. I'm not doing direct selling either. So the plan is, for instance. Join pet groups or whatever, setup a blogger blog Fill it with a bunch of interesting blogs and put your ad on there for whatever you want to sell. From my experience FB admins kick people out that are actively and obviously just selling stuff.

    So you post, "I just saw this great article etc. and post your blogger link, it works and people even 'like' your post, just make sure the article has decent content and has your ad at the top and bottom of the article.

    It works although I do need help from anyone in the know how to build fake accounts from scratch so it doesn't look as though it's a fake account. Do I build friends 1st and like things like books and movies and send friend PM's to trick the system. How do I find friends willing to accept my friend requests and does it look better if I add people who went to the same school (if they're male - try and use a hot girl account???) Facebook at the moment keeps saying 'we think this is a fake account' I can get past that with the use of Simcards but they're still onto me. I wanna be able to make an account from scratch that seems totally real.

    If anyone has any insight that would be fantastic.


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    Hot girls dont work anymore unless u want rubbish traffic
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    However, hot girls work better then ugly man.
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    Please Pray For My DAD
    Whenever you login to new account make sure you clear all cookies.flush your dns and i would rather prefer a new browser for every account as in your case its just 10 so it can be done easily.
    Use something like ccleaner or something to clear up all cookies.
    May be someone is reporting your account as fake or facebook is able to t rack you down.
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    If you want to make super real accounts I would set location, school, place of work, like local businesses and celebrities and even add local pictures then friend a mixture of local and niche targeted people. You could even setup an auto post through RSS from a local news site. Slow and steady wins the race..... people can spot fake accounts a mile off these days. Build them up over a few months for long term marketing.

    As for cookies and IP's. Just use a super cookie cleaner browser addon. Do not worry about IP's with only 10 accounts unless you are targeting different locations.