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  1. L

    Facebook group growing (Niche based)

    Hi everyone, I want to grow my Facebook group that I have not created yet. The group is in the Dog breed niche and I want to make at least 2-3k Members a month. Plus the members has to be from the US, UK and Europe market. How can do it? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  2. QWE333

    ✅ THE ART OF FACEBOOK GROUPS ★★★★★ - How To Grow Brand New Facebook Group From Zero To Hero ▶️ [HQ Step By Step Guide] Discount Inside! ❤

    FAQ: Q: If I'm a beginner, is the guide suitable for my level? A: The guide is suitable for everyone. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to keep the job as simple as possible. No special skills are needed, beginners and professionals alike can follow the steps in the guide. Q: Do I have...
  3. zhaymer

    BEST proxy to use for Facebook?

    I have around 50 FB accounts I use them for legal spam groups, the main problem is these accounts get checkpoints like every day, I have to manually check and send a Pic for checkpoints 282 & 956. I've tried proxy6 & proxy-seller same problem, still getting checkpoints on all the accounts...
  4. blue_lime

    Facebook Group Increase Low Engagement+Views of Posts

    Hello, I came for advice. I have public facebook group with 4.5k members. I'm looking for some advice to increase engagement and views of posts. My group is in travel niche where I share holiday tips (plan for monetize with affiliate links). It's public group but I don't allow publish other...
  5. manusnigra

    Facebook group growth and affiliate links

    Hi there, Does anyone know if posting links (including affiliate links) to FB group reduces the group's visibility and growth? Best, MN
  6. D

    facebook group growing spam method

    hey guys i want to ask about some fast fb group growing up , i see some groups when i check last week joined i fount more then 9k or 12k joined last week and group posts only 30 per day so no way its legal i think there is spam method anyone have idea
  7. C

    Is anyone using Chatbots to send messages to people not currently in your Facebook group

    Is anyone using Chatbots to send messages to people not currently in your Facebook group? Send Messages to All Facebook Group Members. Interested to here if this works!
  8. X

    Alternative Monetization Method For FB/Facebook Babes/Girls Pages/Groups After FB/Facebook Instant Article gone

    Intro: I have facebook pages and groups with USA/UK/CA/AUS pages with 99% Men audience. I can generate more. Monetization: I was getting $15-30 per 1k visits on fb instant article. With the amount of traffic I currently own I was generating $2k-3k per day. Issue: Facebook have retired instant...
  9. H

    how to get open share public facebook groups

    hi all i am web developper and i want to develop a script to get public facebook groups but only with non admin post approval, i took a look at facebook graph api and found nothing helpful for my problem also tried to check if there is somthing to find in mbasic html page that indicate that and...
  10. IamTahaMirza

    How can I target/find/search for facebook groups that are not in my geolocation?

    I live in south Asia. I need to search for groups in the crypto/trading niches on Facebook outside my location (2nd and 1st world audience). However, whenever I search, the same groups just pop up. Any suggestions? Thank you
  11. BM3

    You got a Facebook page/group wich gets lots of impressions ?

    If your awnser to the title is yes , and u wanna make some exxxtra $ let me know we got work to do :D
  12. X

    Managing OnlyFans Creators

    Hey I‘m currently managing several onlyfans Creators (mainly on TikTok, Twitter & Reddit) But I‘m also interested in promoting them on Facebook. I never did Facebook promo for „adult offers“ so I’m wondering if it’s worth a try. I thought about joining niche groups -> promoting their OF Or...
  13. dragonguy4

    Is it possible to claim facebook group with no admins?

    There is an FB group that's no longer active (last post was 2018, new post will subject to admins approval) No active admins/mods listed, however previous admin can still be reached by contacting phone number in some of his post He said FB one day suddenly disabled his account (back in 2019)...
  14. A

    How can I have groups (Facebook) that allow me to post automatically?

    How can I have groups on facebook that you can post automatically without the ban of the admin?
  15. D

    how can i grow a facebook group from zero ?

    hi , i search a method for grow a Facebook group from zero without page can anyone help me?
  16. B

    Need Facebook group poster

    Need someone to post 50 post a day for 5 days to different specific Facebook groups. You need your own aged account and a good understanding if English ad you will find the groups based upon my criteria. You will also need a way to receive payment...no Bitcoin Pm price
  17. sharukhsha

    about to post my facebook CPA journey

    please let me know in comments that should i post my facebook CPA journey, if you want me to post my journey i will post all journey with step by step tutorial and make it public so rest of members can be guided and can get help from this
  18. L

    I need Help in facebook group Posting

    With 100 FB accounts, each account has 30 groups respectively, calculating only 1 ad per group and counting only 10,000 people per group on average. then exposure = 100 FB Facebook ✖ 30 group ads ✖ 10,000 people/group = 30 million people exposure, then, doing the worst case scenario, based on a...
  19. B

    I have a facebook spanish group with 85k followers what should i do ?

    It is local to my area and a job,buy and sell group and i wanted to find out what to do and how to monetize it. I been having it since 2016 and i literally have not done crap with it. I posted a banner with my main business and then i took it off and added my dad's business with 0 conversion.
  20. dbs00

    WTB Facebook group posting / marketplace listings

    hey I'm interested in buying Facebook groups posting for specific nieches If you have facebook accounts ready pm me (preferable some accounts with activity) Or you can manually copy paste this skype ID live:support_42971
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